Body Transformation At Home (Workout Routine & Meal Plan)

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35 Responses

  1. Finally we offer a Nutrition Plan for each of our training programs. Whether you’re doing Body Transformation, Complete Calisthenics, or the Home Workout Program, we have you covered. Learn how to eat healthy, lose or gain weight, and take advantage of the many other features found in the Nutrition Upgrade.

    The Nutrtion Guide includes:

    • Nutrition schedules adapted to your training program
    • Calculator to individualize your macros
    • Included meal samples consistent with vegan, vegetarian and ketogenic lifestyle
    • Includes supplement recommendations
    • Suitable for weight gain and weight loss goals

    All Programs and Nutrition Upgrates available at ➡️ ⬅️

  2. salem khamis says:

    We dont suggest energy drinks the guy has 4 redbulls in his fridge lol

  3. Estas delgado por eso se te ven los musculos,pero no estas lo suficientemente grande

  4. even eating looks so professional

  5. That melancholy "Missed my anabolic window" picture is gold! Hahah, awesome

  6. Apyong says:

    Followed the steps on how to prepare the food but not the exercise itself. Hope it will help me out to get ripped.

  7. mojo jojo says:

    People who watch bioneer like here

  8. Vinod Pawar says:

    Why step on a book man?

  9. Gary Brown says:

    Your advice on eating and caffeine sucks thumbs down on this video

  10. Atti Ylänen says:

    Sodium bicarbonate before workout works! Helps to recover faster.

  11. richstarx says:

    When he said caffine i was good i have a red bull just before or even during my workout. Then…'no energy drinks' 😅

  12. E K says:

    Nevereveruse coffein.. That's just Kill your life and brains..

  13. Mr. Nobody says:

    I cannot imagine a better fitness channel than this … and this bald guy, Saitama, (i m too) is freaking calming and enjoyable. I suggest to keep up with this honest, great stellar work. Is just, a hand from God!

  14. TRUE LION says:

    Why always blue underwear lol lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  15. EJ Padua says:

    Just so I can make sure that I do everything right, where do I buy the chairs? Also the shorts.

  16. EJ Padua says:

    That book was the Feast for Crows 😱

  17. Bobby 5 says:

    Rice cakes are really really unhealthy…

  18. does a big apple about 15min before the workout make sense? I figured it has lots of nutrients and fructose is supposed to give you a short term energy boost

  19. Am.N Branko says:

    Bald people always legendary.

  20. 9:04 The rest times shown here are between sets or when you change between excercises?

  21. Is it necessary to have pre-workout meal? Ex : When you workout early before eating anything in the morning.

  22. syahadan kmz says:

    It's a good meal for your organ because does not take product milk from box or bottle at market and any supplements like mass or whey protein because milk at supermarket have pus from the animal during extraction process to get the milk (this is true fact)

  23. Crazy people says:

    Raw eggs are not good for health

  24. Skarate kid says:

    Is this a new diet ? Eat Train??!!

  25. 12:35 as bayrakları ass 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  26. Good video except one part yoghurt is Turkish

  27. Would it be ok if do the same workout but increase the rest time to 3 minutes to change the focus more on power than muscle gain?

  28. He said that he doesn’t recommend energy to then took a can out of the refrigerator and had one for himself 🤨

  29. nedomedo says:

    I bought beet juice a few days ago. It was VERY difficult drinking it, it tastes a little awful. 😬 I need to get accustomed to it.

  30. Anas Mughal says:

    @Calisthenicmovement can u plz how much time it'll take for shaping a body

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