FLAT BELLY TRAINING – 20min Abs Blaster At-Home Workout

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50 Responses

  1. do u recommend a specific workout plan I can do to get a flatter stomach

  2. Not so a hard one, but good for between or if this is your sixth workout this week and it is saturday 😉

  3. Does this actually work ??

  4. These are my results after each day:
    Day 1: Very sore core

  5. Will this workout help me lose belly fat? and when doing cardio, how can i prevent my arms from getting skinny, bc i want to gain more muscle in my arms.

  6. Tati M says:

    So I'm gonna be doing this probably daily. Idk yet. But can y'all like or comment to remind me?

    Day 1: Very hard. Had to give myself extra breaks sometimes. My stomach and core are definitely tight.

    Day 2: A bit harder since my stomach was a bit sore and I was kinda tired since I did this at 12am. But I did it. And I still can't do plankups fully. They hurt

    Day 3: I didn't do the full exercise today but I will do it tmrw bc I am doing a stomach vacuum exercise instead. I actually keep doing exercises at like 12am lol. Idk why. Buuuut yeah.

    Hey ik I disappeared. Sorry. Ive actually been working out but I haven't used this video. Someone liked today and I just realized I forgot. School started and I started doing different workouts

  7. This is more for beginners

  8. Will these exercises are effective to pcos women too?

  9. Im gonna do this one mond wish me luck🌼
    Day 1: it was hard but i do this✅

  10. NEL music says:

    Ok 2nd day of this. Lets see what happns in 1 month 💪🏽

  11. Flamingo says:

    How many calories does this burn?

  12. I really hate this video, there's no timer at the beggining of every exercise, also the excercises are very repetetive. The music was awful

  13. Omg I love this format, please make more! The jam and the three beeps to know when it’s almost over is what’s getting me thru these!

  14. Crushed it !💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  15. yes finally finished this workout yay!!! it took me two weeks

  16. Louise Evans says:

    How many days a week should we do this?

  17. SASKEE says:

    didn't feel like 20 minutes…
    is there an alternative to the mountain climbers? i really can't do them, my shoulders hurt like hell!!!! not my belly but my arms ugh

  18. Very useful exercises for easily doing at home thank u

  19. u r the best rachel ❤️✔️

  20. DUC-Min says:

    How can you exercise and look fab at the same time?

  21. soliferi says:

    "you're finished!" okay good i'll just lay here twitching for a bit

  22. man, those plank ups were haaarrrrd 😀

  23. Jennifer Her says:

    The third set really fucks me up lol

  24. Lo says:

    Awesome workout!!

  25. nom nom says:

    Does this help u define abs

  26. I Stan kpop says:

    Tbh y is it so easy?

    No offence!

  27. Antonia Tan. says:

    Edit: Nvm lets not..

  28. SEHAM ABDOLY says:

    That was amazing 😻💘 love you

  29. Ameera Chyy says:

    Really enjoyed this workout! It went quick and I liked the circuits with 2 exercises each, made it more interesting. I felt the burn!!

  30. Music is a little special but I enjoyed the workout. Not too hard and good manageable. Thank you!

  31. Ngan Doan says:

    I really love your videos

  32. I just did this workout at my gym! Today was core day and i didnt know what to do haha. You saved me girl! Ps. This is the music i like to workout to and thanks for letting the song play out at the end. 😍💋💋💋💋💋💪🏼♥️

  33. Lis ! says:

    lord why so many plank ups..ight let me stop complaining and finish this workout LMAO

  34. Anybody wants to be on a group chat were we can motivate each other ?

  35. Sarah Garcia says:

    I did 10 minutes of cardio before and the half of this workout because i wasnt able fo finish it. I think its not too bad for my first day😓😓😓

  36. Zo A says:

    would this classify as HIIT training?

  37. are these workouts better than "Gabriella Whited"?! is there better results with these?

  38. Connie B. says:

    going to grab my thermosculpt belt to do this workout just for that extra 💦💦💦

  39. meezy meyona says:

    Please what name brand is the leggings.. thanks in advance

  40. Navya Khan says:

    You don't have any facial hairs and dealing with hairs is not easy 🙁

  41. I love this workout❤❤❤❤❤

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