Aging Well Virtual Workout: Coach Matt

Coach Matt is going to take you through a workout you can do right in your living room! This workout is a mix of strength, flexibility and mobility.

The Workout:
– Warm Up
– Push Ups
– Deadlifts to Bicep Curl
– Step Up + Hold High Knee
– Crunches
– Supermans
– Cool Down / Stretch

Equipment Needed:
– Stairs for a step-up
– Wall or counter for pushups
– Dumbbells or anything that has some weight! Cans of soup, bottles of water, etc.
– A mat or a carpeted area

DISCLAIMER: Our coaches are here to cue you through the workout, but you should always consult your doctor before beginning a workout program. As always, listen to your body. If you lose control of your breath, feel faint or dizzy, please take a break and rejoin if/when you’re ready.

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