20 Minute HIIT Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down – At Home HIIT Video

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50 Responses

  1. Emma H says:

    Is it just me or do front jacks feel like BEING PUNCHED IN THE CHEST REPEATEDLY

  2. D KL says:

    Who here because of COVID PE class?

  3. Kakunou Ja says:

    that hard but i like it πŸ™‚

  4. Good quick sweat after oversleeping. Thanks. Hope to see more vids from you. I know it’s been a crazy season for you guys. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Le hiit de youtube qui me fait le plus transpirer

  6. Penny Chan says:

    This is my favorite HIIT workout!

  7. I like the hiit workout but isn't the warmup kind long? Don't want to just pre exhaust myself before the workout

  8. Tom Base says:

    It was easy enough for me when I played it at 1.5 speed.

  9. Rene Fortier says:

    Great workout, thank you! Appreciated the warm up and cool down were part of it

  10. When do the cooling down exercises start?

  11. Kamal Jain says:

    Perfect when you are short on time, great that you incorporated a warm up and cool down. Thanks Daniel πŸ‘πŸ½

  12. Fletrgoodboy says:

    I love fitness blender it doesn't have that stupid background music.

  13. Amanda Pang says:

    i thought 20 minutes would be doable but… you guys really challenged me to push on! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 thank you fitness blender ❀️❀️

  14. Ninja m says:


  15. zeitoad says:

    if you see this and I havent done a day yet, please let me know if you want by replying.
    Day 1: Felt good, I am really overweight but I was able to keep up pace with a few breaks in between the video.
    Day 2: Done

  16. MSEAD123 says:

    Great workouts from @fitnessblender! Can you put out some more workouts that are low-impact and still very toning and strengthening? My knees get strained with some of these jacks and jumps, but I still want a serious burn workout. Thanks!

  17. I really like high quality videos which I hardly find it in YouTube like this. Thank you. I downloaded it and I'll do it before walking every day.

  18. Jiuxeeyy says:

    I know this is dead, but what does this workout focus on?

  19. romulussc2 says:

    How does this compare to the older version of the 20 minute HIIT workout (7 years old as of time of this comment)? Is it more "optimal" with less strain on joints etc., or is it an alternative and both are equally effective and okay to do? I used to do the older one a lot, and it seems a little harder, which makes me feel like I should do the harder one if I don't want to "slack off" πŸ™‚

  20. I guess these guy's videos are popular because he looks like a regular man not a gym star

  21. Is it just me or is it the most Satisfying thing when he says this workout is complete

  22. please suggest an exercise for decrasing chest fat

  23. trollinpro1 says:

    I have been training to go to military BMT. Thought I was ready. After doing these for a week now I see how bad I would have been and how good I feel right now. I honestly feel like you are a life saver and potentially a career saver. Thank you so much. This has to be one of the most relatable videos out there and makes me think I can do what you do rather than making me feel like I'm just too far behind. You freaking rock.

  24. I'm only like halfway through the warmup and my legs already hurt

  25. Somebody please explain the calories to me here 😭😭😭😭😭

  26. Please make the beep sound a bit louder and the countdowns a bit bigger.

  27. That was awesome! Loved the warm up and how you explained it all. But what do the calories on the corner mean? I'm not sure how to interpret it

  28. Laura Kelly says:

    Absolutely awesome workout!!!

  29. Really nicely structured workout. Great workout for when your time is limited. Love that it included warmup and cool down. I just wish the HIIT portion was about twice as long. Would love it if you could put out some more videos with warmup and cool down that have 20- 25 min HIIT portions.

  30. Max Riley says:

    Why is the timer always faster in my head?

  31. i am a kid and this is my homework.

  32. neettim says:

    it's best to do fasted HIIT or fasted cardio to really burn those calories

  33. Warm up completed unbelievable

  34. Hi Daniel, I used to do your routines a couple of years ago and let myself go till about this minute. Im in isolation and decided to take the first step and its so hard doing 20 min routine but i am pushing myself. I am unfit that even after the stretches my muscles want to contract. Your work out is great , its practical and visual aids help control the motion to quit , I am going to try and stick to a daily routine and build myself up from the ground up. Grateful

  35. Ian says:

    Warm-up: 0:355:54
    HIIT Workout: 6:0918:55
    Cool-down:18:59 – 24:13

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