The Perfect 7 Exercise V-Taper Workout

Today we are doing a workout the will help with the v-taper look. When you get this look down it will make anyone look 10x better. We have with us the one and only Ifbb Pro Missy Truscott. She just got 1st place at the Arnold Classic 2020 and you will see why in this video. Give this v-taper workout a try and let me know how you liked it.

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25 Responses

  1. Savage says:

    Man she is my dream

  2. She looked INSANE this year 👏🏼👏🏼 congratulations to both of you

  3. Congrats for winning the Olympia!! 1st Place yo deserved so much, great work!

  4. Bjazzzzzz12 says:

    I’m rooting for Missy. Very personable,. Fit as hell. GO MISSY., PREDICTING 1st at the Olympia!!!

  5. Whats missys backaround????

  6. Milkugh says:

    Gorgeous face and absolute beast body

  7. rimawihone says:

    Solid Missy from front on leaning delt view!! Fan

  8. her poses are so graceful 😩

  9. damn she looks good ☺️😍

  10. David Kva says:

    This girl basically has my dream body,

  11. ShadyCats says:

    Holy smoke she got bigger shoulders and lats than most guys. Nicely built.

  12. Mr Big Boss says:

    Do we need a custom program to achieve that golden era look? I’m on your Warlock workout program FYI.

  13. Ruben Rios says:

    Her smile is very attractive 😬

  14. upin arms says:

    shes got them custom nikes on

  15. George Glen says:

    Simple and good way to teach folk how body shape and mechanics work . Subscribed👍.

  16. Helt Fläng says:

    Thats one impressive look for sure, holy shiet!

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