10 Foods You Should Eat After Your Workout

Hey there, fitness freaks! You spend so much time working out to get yourself in shape. Unfortunately, there is a problem you need to pay attention to. Although you’re exercising, you’re also losing muscle mass.

This is why you need to consume certain foods after a long and tiring workout session. Starting from spinach, which contains a lot of Vitamin C, to bananas that are rich in potassium. In this video, we will talk about all these foods AND more…

Sources: https://pastebin.com/62J2twuy

Intro – 0:00
#1 Grilled Chicken – 00:29
#2 Whole Eggs – 00:54
#3 Smoked Salmon – 01:10
#4 Cherry Juice – 01:39
#5 Cottage Cheese -02:11
#6 Green Tea – 02:34
#7 Spinach – 02:55
#8 Bananas – 03:17
#9 Raspberries – 03:42
#10 Chia Seeds – 04:11

you can do after a heavy workout session-

#1 Stretching – 05:05
#2 Drinks Lots of Water – 05:35
#3 Take a Shower – 06:03
#4 Take a Nap – 06:32


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25 Responses

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  2. Dilpreet says:

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  4. Gamer 321 says:

    Cherry juice,raspberrys,Bananas,Eggs

  5. Afk Gamer says:

    Has anyone tried this?? If you have pls tell me is it good? (Am new)

  6. Rocking Star says:

    Oooo try don't mention milk

  7. Paul Talley says:

    I'm writing down the foods as I'm watching

  8. nugget says:

    All i eat after my workout was a banana.

  9. Sophia Marie says:

    Do you workout? Do you consume any of the following foods..?

    Me: well I do now

  10. huh what says:

    Love this…but….i want to pig out with tasty food and for me most of the time that comes with red meat and a lot of grease lol. But I don't care what can I eat(pig out) but still be beneficial to my recovery?

  11. Sunli says:

    I think having one tbsp of plain or greek yogurt topped off with maybe some walnuts and almonds or whatever nuts of your choice is enough 🙂
    But do whatever you feel is right

  12. So we cann make at home a salad of spinach, chia seeds and beetroot?
    I used to work out at home. I even got a booklet with a muscle-man on the cover of the booklet. As a result perhaps of random home work out i became the insatiable HUNGRY. So for certain reasons i found that work out isn't taking me anywhere except to hunger, tiredness, and wierd body shapes. My shoulders woun't fit into my shirts. My parents get scared when they see me and no matter what i eat i would STAY HUNGRY. And i quit excercise. I started to gain weight and belly Fat.
    Body sports if it is following a certain philosophy must focus on understanding the important foods for work out. The vitamins , the fluids, the carbs.

  13. So ur telling us to eat things with a lot of fat? U lier bruh ur prbbly fat thinkin about what u lie to people about I can’t believe you just find random scientific words that seem complicated that people don’t usually look up to support your wrong claims. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Sultan Khan says:

    i need size gain please video

  15. Is it okay if i eat boiled egg everyday? What will be my diet plan for 2 months? I would like to know please. I have a huge fat in my stomach.

  16. How about allegy reaction in these foods

  17. PRASAD 786 says:

    Can I drink cherry juice after workout

  18. Jimmy Le says:

    Cold shower will also help

  19. Everybody has the answer on how to gat fit so why are people so fat

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