15 Minute Beginner Full Body Dumbbell Workout

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This 15 minute workout uses a set of dumbbells and bodyweight moves to strengthen and tone your body. Keeping all moves lower impact and lower intensity, you’ll still get your heart pumping to burn fat and calories, moving at a beginner’s pace to learn form and function.

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38 Responses

  1. Haris shaikh says:

    I worked out for a long time but didn't get results because of a poor diet. I then found a website called *Agoge Diet*, finally I started seeing results

  2. Thank you for this. Someone who understands what it's like to be a complete beginner and doesn't patronise. Subscribed!

  3. Misle Perez says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing simple and challenging beginner work out! I did it and it worked awesome!

  4. Just love your videos, especially all the options. most in person classes that I’ve gone to are focused towards young people or people who have worked out for a long time. I appreciate all your options.

  5. I have been enjoying simple dumb bell programs, and gradually increasing the weight. But for the first time I really understood the side lunch and felt my inner thighs, etc., working in the way I've heard about. It always was either easy because I did it wrong or it hurt too much, because I wasn't moving correctly. Thank you. Slowing it down helped a lot.

  6. Harjit Kaur says:

    Hi as a 40 yo beginner, what weight of dumbbell is safe to use?

  7. How many KGs are the Dumbbell you lift ???

  8. fun and easy workout didn't even how time passed and found myself completing it ! thank you <3 ! more of those please !

  9. What a wonderful workout. Also you are very sincere and authentic…so glad I found this

  10. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for this! My first try at age 60 and I can DO this 😁. Appreciate your style, your direct approach, and your encouragement!

  11. fregedit says:

    That was a great I love how you give options for every level and also that the repetitions are not many

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  13. My speed and I feel it. Love this workout!

  14. Adamma says:

    This is amazing and made working out less intimidating. Thank you Amy!

  15. Mah Noor says:

    Really good but how much weight you are lifting?

  16. diane ducey says:

    Thank you, Amy. Perfect for my reintrodution to exercise after seven months of lockdown and comfort eating.

  17. How much pounds of dumbbells you can recommend?is it okay to use 2lbs?

  18. I will start tomorrow amy

  19. Hi amy whats the ideal weight of the dumbbells for beginners?

  20. I’m a person that hates the gym. I’ve been lost doing random exercises for years. I did this exercise and it was PERFECT for me! Slow and steady. I did 4 sets of each exercise and boy did I feel it the next day! Thank you again!

  21. nikki tee says:

    This was great. I have tried weight lifting several times and quit because of my knees. I was able to follow through with this entire workout using 10 pound weights.

  22. Liss Ayers says:

    Hi. Where can I get the purple mat?

  23. I'm self isolating from today as my partner has tested positive. So I have to be forced to stay home for two weeks so I'm making the most of it!

  24. May i know how many kg of dumbell is good for a beginner like me?

  25. Tinx McFee says:

    Great workout – can adapt some of it to be doing my knee physiotherapy exercises at the same time – result !!!

  26. How many pound for the dumbells?? Ty

  27. Quynh Giang says:

    Love your video! How many calories you can burn from this routine?

  28. BASRA ABDI says:

    I feel so wonderful every time I do this workout

  29. Thank you Amy for this workout. Iam a 104 kg and believe me you made me believe in myself again. I need to get back into shape.

  30. I'm 50+. Can i do these exercise? I have slight back n right knee pain. Please suggest.

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