How To Plan A Swim Workout | Structure Your Next Swimming Session

So many swimmers jump in the pool and swim back and forth without a plan. If you’re looking to improve your swimming, this is certainly not the best way to train! You want to be following specific workouts, so Mark is going to be showing you how to design and structure your own swim workout!

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Do you ever head to the pool for a swim, stand on the edge of the pool, and wonder, “what on earth should I be doing?”

Well, don’t worry – you are not alone! So many swimmers jump in the pool and swim back and forth without a plan. If you’re looking to improve your swimming, this is certainly not the best way to train.

You want to be following specific workouts – as the pros do – so today Mark is going to be showing you how to design and structure your own swim workout.

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35 Responses

  1. Is threshold basically race pace?

  2. Hi, please mention some references both for swimming and nutrition.

  3. I P says:

    How would you increase the training in order to become able to swim without pausing 400 m and maybe even more?

  4. МиШа says:

    how do i know what is pull kick and drill, when i see it, they all look the same….

  5. Mb MoPere says:

    A lot of helpful information 👍

  6. cher young says:

    where is this place the surrounding is very nice?

  7. Sarah Smile says:

    I just swim until body poops out. Has worked well so far.

  8. MonotoniTV says:

    7:20 that guy in the back is breaking the law 😱

  9. Laurattap says:

    I just swim 3k free and maybe 250 m of breast and back I think I’ll use your tips

  10. Marge Zarate says:

    Thanks for this video! Besides knowing what to do? How about knowing how to plan interval swims and how to train with a pace clock? I've encountered workouts with send-off times with the fastest, mid, and slowest times like 1:15/ 1:20/ 2:00. How are those determined and which to use?

  11. Nice video.
    Please make video on tumble kick

  12. Lisa Rusczyk says:

    Where is this location?

  13. James Czuba says:

    Great info, thank you!!

  14. Example of a main set – for a speed work day I did recently.
    5 rounds of 6x25m on 30 at 200 pace … after each set of 6, 50 easy on 1:30. I tracked it with my Phlex and averaged 15.2 on the 25s.

    Oh and that was butterfly 🤪.

  15. Piotr Wydra says:

    Therapeutic alliances 😀

  16. Now admittedly I don't watch every GTN eps but have you ever addressed the long trunk vs speedo issue? I've noticed Mark uses both….why? What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

  17. I'd like to add a recovery session into the mix. Really helpful post a long bike/run session.

  18. Ian Stewart says:

    Thanks for these tips. What do you mean by pulls? Is that isolated arm work?

  19. Jiji Chia says:

    I’d usually have a session planned but some days I get extremely demoralized when I can’t complete the sets/keep up with the time.

    What would you recommend?

    Also, I think it’d be nice to talk about training fatigue, how to recognize them and how to deal with them:)

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work!!

  20. OMG it's exactly what i need

  21. HSpartaL says:

    I recognise this video

  22. Great workout ideas! Just to clarify: for the speed session, are you taking the 30/25/20/15s recovery after every 25m, or at the end of each block of 25ms that you prescribe? E.g. for the first set, do I take 30 seconds rest after each 25 meters, or at the end of the 16 x 25m?

  23. Mark Costa says:

    What distance triathlon are these for? 70.3?

  24. henrik i says:

    Thanks for the high quality videos from you guys, I have learned a lot and you are a great team 🙂

    I have been swimming freestyle frequently for a couple of years, and get compliments about my technique. Until now, my sets have always been very technique-focused always with some balance and rotation drills. However, my endurance is really, really, really bad. I mostly able to only swim 50s with breaks. I usually breathe every two to the right, but lately have been trying to use every three more, also trying to learn tumble turns. Learning this seems not very compatible with swimming more lengths though, especially since breathing to my left is more complicated due to less exhaling and rotation and the tumble turn attempts right now easily make me lack oxygen.

    I got a recommendation to try swimming 100s at around 2:00 pace, with 30s breaks inbetween. Right now this seems totally impossibly, although I can swim a 25 at 30s without trouble. I also believe that I should really focus on the endurance part, and possibly put the tumble turns and bilateral breathing aside, or maybe making it its own part of a set. Not sure on how to incorporate this.

    I feel a bit lost on how to structure a set, to be honest. Would you recommend using fins to string together more lengths, or would this be doing myself more bad?

  25. Brofessor _ says:

    are you in Lanzarote?

  26. SH Golfing says:

    I can’t manage 50m without stopping where am I going wrong

  27. Nice timing before my friday swim workout.

    I always start with a 100m sprint and try to beat my personal best.
    Than a 1-2 or 3k also try to beat my pb
    As last i do 10 interval sprints with 1min rest between.

  28. Great video! Where was this filmed?

  29. xGshikamaru says:

    Mmh not a lot of butterfly/backstroke/breaststroke in there, I like mixing things with those other swim styles, during the warmup or between sets

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