Best Shoulder Workout for Women | 6 Exercises – Pyramid Sets

Join Trainer Lindsay for an awesome shoulder workout for women. This workout contains 6 great shoulder exercises that are sure to build those sexy shoulders you’re looking for. Watch the video and follow the workout structure below.

In this shoulder workout, you’ll be going through 6 exercises, doing 3 pyramid sets for each. A pyramid set means that you do the first set with lighter weight, the second set with mild weight, and the third with heavy weight.

Pyramid Sets:
1st Set: 15 reps
Add more weight!
2nd Set: 12 reps
Add more weight!
3rd Set: 8 reps

You will do this for each of the following exercises:

Seated Lateral Raise
Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press
Bent Over Reverse Fly
Alt. Front Raises
Arnold Press
Overhead Press Machine

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6 Responses

  1. It’s great that you are sharing this – but the photographer does too many closeups of your face – you need to have some long shots too – front and back ie full body views .

  2. A_Goose says:

    I love the way this video is! Concise and right to the point, very helpful:)

  3. Great to see that your skill… Try Unflexal workouts to be more flexal 🙂

  4. Elise Morgan says:

    Loved this. I got up to 10 lbs on lateral raises. Never thought that would happen.

  5. Faye S says:

    I really liked your sports bra , what brand is it?

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