Kegel Exercise Beginner Workout- And Why EVERYONE should do them

The pelvic floor muscles, or kegel muscles, help us hold in urine, gas, and stool and also help with orgasm and erection. These are important muscles:)
These are also muscles that lots of people have difficulty finding and using.
This video shows you how to find and use these muscles correctly. Join me today for a kegel exercise beginner workout.

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12 Responses

  1. Yan Jiang says:

    Will this exercise help labor/delivery?

  2. Steve Gabel says:

    Dear Dr. Ennis, Most of us start off with the best intentions to do the work. And then … In regard to the Kegel Exercises, I found I could tack these exercises on to my workout when doing dumbbell curls. Basically you can time them, curl up slowly, squeeze your Kegel Muscles, Hold, keep curling SLOWLY and then slow curl down and release the Kegel muscles. You might to do a video on that. Thank you. Sincerely.

  3. mahesh kumar says:

    Mam i am suffering from overactive pelvic muscles. Please help me out

  4. Kirti Sharma says:

    Mam pls tell me which time is good for exercises ?

  5. mahesh kumar says:

    Mam does pelvic floor dyssnergia effects testosterone harmone?

  6. Mo Reardon says:

    How many times a day do you don't hear excerises?

  7. I get an erection when I do these exercises which make it more difficult to focus on contracting the pelvic floor muscles. should I try to focus on not getting erect or just try to contract the floor muscles with an erection

  8. Carla Knox says:

    Today I am starting one week challenge with kegels…And hope to see the difference.

  9. Thank you for this video and this topic. I also think that this is really important. I am currently using Kegelsmart product and to tell you the truth I really feel the difference.

  10. Very timely video. Doing them while laying down was helpful for me. It let me hold for a longer count and feel the muscles I was trying to target. Thanks.

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