Park Workout: 17 Picnic Bench Exercises

For a great park workout check out these 17 Picnic Bench Exercises!

1. Power Step Ups (0:30)
2. Box Jumps (0:43)
3. Single Leg Squat To Bench (0:56)
4. Balance Lunge (1:08)
5. Step Up With Knee Drive (1:18)
6. Dips Off Bench (1:31)
7. Ab In And Outs (1:44)
8, Plank Hops (1:54)
9. Decline Push Ups (2:05)
10. Reverse Hypers (2:18)
11. Double Hops (2:30)
12. Lateral Plank Crawl (2:43)
13. Step Down (2:56)
14. 2 Way Leg Raises (3:10)
15. Side Planks Balance ( 3:22)
16. Single Leg Plank Balance (3:32)
17. L-Sit Hold (3:39)
18. Ball Sprints (3:43)

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22 Responses

  1. Love these! Thanks for your creativity, I would not have thought of that L-Sit Hold!

  2. Some of these a negative from me. I'm not jumping on the top part where people eat for starters and I'm not roughing my hands up on that hard ground. But all the rest are cool! About to try some now.

  3. Dóra Varró says:

    What a wonderful video! 🙂 How many rounds and repeats per exercises shell I do? Thanks! 🙂

  4. Roxy K says:

    Super happy to find this as my daughter recently got sick and is now on medication so I cant leave her alone so I rarely go to the gym now so will try this!! Thank you

  5. You are a beast, girl. Keep up the great work 🙂

  6. Got slip disc so bit much for me.

  7. G G says:

    This is what fitness and strength is all about. Yr so creative with yr body and workout. I bet you could make yr body strong with a rolled up piece of newspaper. My cat Phillip is the same as Coconut he loves to play with me when I am working out. Animals are so cool Well I am off to the park to try these suckers out. Thanks super girl for the tips.

  8. Bumble Bee says:

    Dayumm, gurl, you strong! I sound like a baby squealing that finds a toy, every time that cute little puppy finishes off your vids! xoxoxo

  9. nubilosa says:

    Para escoger y gracias por compartirnos todas estas posibilidades.

  10. Yeo Family says:

    Wow, it just great & awesome! 💪👍
    just lovin’ it, I'm liking all the exercises of every video definitely got my support👌
    please keep it up 🙏🤓

  11. awesome!….you put all cyclists and dog-walkers to shame….(hahhahhahahha)

  12. Could you, please, chare the names of the songs in the video?
    Great exercises, all in all and thank you for sharing them!

  13. BriJade says:

    Love it.. Keep it up. You're a true motivator

  14. OMG you just make these exercises look like child's play. I am pretty sure you are from another realm. Great presentation as usual. No talk action only. Big Thanks.

  15. D Lee says:

    I recently subscribed so I haven't been able to watch all your exercise videos, but I'm very impressed with those that I have seen. I like the fact that your videos are short and to the point without any incessant chatter. I'm more of a "show me how, don't tell me how" so your videos are perfect for me; and I learn something new whenever I watch your videos.

  16. Pat says:

    Great exercises. Just specify next time to do it before the picnic rather than after…It wasn't pretty.

  17. everything says:

    like before watching the video, I'm sure it will be amazing like always

  18. now I need to go to the park. 🙂 Thank you for posting. Will definitely use these when we take the kids to the park on Thanksgiving. Happy travels.

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