10-Minute, Low-Impact Cardio Workout That Burns Major Calories

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We’ve partnered with Brooks Running on this low-impact cardio workout that’s sure to be one of your new favorite ways to get your heart rate up without jumping. Bodyweight exercises like side planks, army crawls, squats, and lunges will tone your body. For all of our runners, we’ve included a core section at the end with exercises like bicycles to help strengthen the muscles you use for running — like your abs, hips, and glutes — and keep you injury-free. Take 10 minutes and get your workout in!

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23 Responses

  1. I love Sunday's with popsugar. This one had me going. Thanks again 💞💞💞💞💞

  2. Nice and sweaty workout 😇😇😅😅

  3. CaM 14 says:

    No this is ridiculous. I am 6 weeks into working out and this was insane.

  4. Nikki R says:

    Can you pls give an avg on how much calories approx this 10 min workout burns?

  5. abdul ahad says:

    Cristina is very thick…😍

  6. Nice workout!
    I have an in-depth review on my blog here: https://theactivebookworm.wordpress.com/2020/06/15/example-post-3/
    I do reviews of low-impact workouts and books on my blog-and I take requests:)

  7. TheMeganMV says:

    Not enough verbal instruction. Too hard to follow while participating.

  8. Kylie Cassar says:

    Are you kidding me with warm up can't do the plank thing fell on my face first one I did 😔😔😔

  9. Pop Sugar is the best for motivating and diverse workouts. Never boring!👍

  10. Lara Rita says:

    Tbh in the beggining I tought this class would be very soft… I was wrong!

  11. Ellen Diane says:

    Right from the get go – this is NOT for beginners-

  12. Yasmin K. says:

    Doesn't matter if it's high or low impact if you are talll and your spine almost breaks up trying to do this SHITY FLOOR EXERCISES

  13. Sheila Hines says:

    YUK. Been working out for 25 years then took some time off. This IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS and it sucked. You do NOT know how to have fun. Ish.

  14. She moves WAAAAY too fast! Hard to keep up if you’re a beginner.

  15. Wow what a great workout in just 10 minutes!

  16. thanks for the great workout, even though it is short it definitely made me sweat!

  17. thanks for putting the emphasis on strengthening core for safety, not for looks

  18. great workout, had a hard time keeping up at the beginning.

  19. I love to workout on Monday so fun make me feel healthier

  20. somachri says:

    Maybe someone can help me stay motivated: I added this workout to one of Christa Dipaolo's 45 min kickboxing ones and I still only burned about 370 calories according to my apple watch (I'm 112 and 5'5"). I feel like I used to burn way more, like around 600, when working out for an hour. Any tips?

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