Chronic Pain And Fibromyalgia Exercise Program

This is a safe, total body strength workout for anyone with Fibromyalgia or chronic pain. Make sure that before you start strength training, you have the correct posture and breathing technique. Check out these other videos for help with breathing and with posture:

When performing the strengthening exercises, start with 8 repetitions and only one set 2 days a week. Make sure to do the exercises on non-consecutive days.

For more information on Dr Kristie Ennis check out the website:

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21 Responses

  1. Thanks for it have fibromyalgia for 32years and more for us

  2. Soulflower says:

    Hi, Dr. Ennis. Thank you for posting this video. I suffer from endometriosis and fibromyalgia, which is extremely hard to perform daily tasks. I hope to try your methods soon. 💜💛

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  4. Enjoyed the content but it did freeze

  5. Lilian Rover says:

    I have always encourage myself never to give up because I know that i will get well some day and truly after using Dr Madida's herbal medicine whom I came across on YouTube I was cure of my osteoporosis disease. I want you all to use his herbal medicine because it work so well without side effects, he also has an amazing website that can answer all you questions madidaherbalcenter.weebly .com

  6. Hi Kristie lovely video and thank you for making such a nice routine for people suffering from chronic pain or fatigue issues also. There is not enough people in the fitness industry helping provide safe workouts like these for people like us. Great work. 
    I am also a certified personal trainer who is making workouts for people that are safe yet effective, but mine are a a bit of a different twist. They focus more on exercises that are good for lighter fibromyalgia and fatigue days or weeks because they are a bit more challenging without causing you crash afterwards. I designed them to help us feel like we are doing what we used to do before getting sick but without any of the repercussions, you know.
    Like many of you here I understand that Exercising when dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, almost feels counterproductive😬. Dealing with these issues myself for years has been a challenge but now I am able to control the pain at least, through easy yet effective exercises done regularly. When I DON"T do them, everything hurts! 
    The right kind of exercise if vital for me to feel much better. Everyone one is different, of ofcourse, so I am not saying it will work for you like it has for me but it is worth a try. 
    Kristie if you would like to colab let me know, it would be great to share with each other. I also have workouts on my channel here that offer safe routines for people dealing with Fibromyalgia and Fatigue but they are bit different. I don't usually add links like this to promote my channel, so I hope this doesn't offend you Kristie, I just really sincerely want to share what I have for free with your audience as well because I feel they might enjoy it along with your video here. Thanks so much for allowing me to do so. 
    ​@UCs7LtZ5QXgCfT-_9RqycTRg (or just type in cocolime fitness in the YouTube search bar above )
    Have a great day Kristie and also to all of your dear ones suffering from pain and fatigue on a daily basis. -Suzanne

  7. Kristie as a former gymnast I dont have problem exercising (after a good warming), BUT in halfen hour I have flare up which is so bad I cant even move.Even a walk can cause it.

  8. Poter 101 says:

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  9. Deborah John says:

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  10. Paige J says:

    I'm so grateful to have come across these videos. I'm only 26 years old, and i was diagnosed with chronic pain, fibro, hypermobility amongst other chronic conditions. I used to be really fond of working out and zumba, unfortunately couldn't carry on and have piled on weight due to not being able to move my body 🙁
    I've not had much luck with Doctors, so have turned too youtube haha.

    Thank you for taking time to film and upload these videos. They really do mean a lot to people like myself 🙂

  11. Gaby Padilla says:

    I loved your this video. Don't know if it was my network but it froze a few times. I was diagnosed with fibrimyalgia 10 years ago.

  12. I can't wait to start getting back in shape! You have a wonderful personality! I'm thankful that someone with chronic pain has developed this routine. Not that I want other people to have chronic pain, but if there's anyone I can trust on movement/becoming active again, it's someone who is like me. I herniated 3 discs in my lower back when I was 20. I had surgery when one ruptured when I was 28. I hurt my shoulder, needed bone spurs shaved from both surfaces in the joint, and an acromial decompression at 30. I'm 40 now, so my entire adult life has been ruined by pain. I also have fibromyalgia and some carpal tunnel. I've just given up on myself and gotten so fat that I now have diabetes and hypertension now as well. Thank you for uploading and I'm doing this asap!

  13. Jo McClellan says:

    I have IIH and fibromyalgia and really struggle as my head just starts to go crazy when exerting myself so sick of the weight I can’t lose, and how weak I am now , I used to be so fit and extra strong 💪🏼 x

  14. Dory S says:

    Thank you for posting this! I have chronic joint pain and fibromyalgia, and this along with lots of gentle stretching really helps

  15. Sweet T says:

    I was told strength training is a no no when you have Fibromyalgia. Were my doctors & the research I did incorrect? Please let me know. I was diagnosed with FM 10 years ago along with back problems & a whole list of other various health issues I've accumulated through my life. I've gained quit a bit of weight from medications & reduced mobility. I'm just getting back into exercising so it'd be nice to know if I can add gentle strength training or not. Thanks!

  16. Nazman says:

    Hello Dr. Kristie, I am putting together a little workout sheet for my girlfriend and I realized you never talked about sets (At least, I don't think you did ^_^). How many sets should one perform for starters? And if 1 set is the perfect start, can we add additional sets later?

  17. Alpha Dad says:

    I have pain in tendons and almost everything hurts in the joints

  18. Barrel Rider says:

    K probably not the best idea to wear a short skirt when camera is like eye level w your crotch. Lol but good vid. Gonna keep some of this in mind.

  19. Fleur Terry says:

    Nice easy exercises to do while struggling with chronic pain, love it! I was diagnosed with chronic pain, (fibromyalgia, hypermobility syndrome and Ehlers danlos- hypermobility type) 9 years ago and all the doctors could tell me is what types of exercise not to do! Thank you for posting this!

  20. Larry Bair says:

    You’re also a Ventriloquist, how talented.

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