20 Min At-Home Basketball Conditioning Workout – Get in Shape FAST!

If you’re stuck at home, you can still improve your basketball conditioning, endurance, and get in great shape! You don’t need to run, use a bike or get in the gym — you don’t need any equipment for this workout…

You’ll be surprised how FAST you can improve your conditioning and get into basketball SHAPE in a small space in your living or basement.

Exercise 1 – Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds 1:07
Exercise 2 – Squats for 30 seconds 1:20
Exercise 3 – Sit Ups for 30 seconds 1:42
Exercise 4 – C Skip in Place for 30 seconds 2:00
Exercise 5 – Figure 4 Crab Bridge 5-10 reps 2:19
Exercise 6 – Half Side Plank with Leg Abduction 5-10 reps 2:46

High Knees – 30 seconds 3:20
Push Ups – 30 seconds (go to knees when can’t do full push ups) 3:34
In Place Jumps – 30 seconds each leg 3:52
Squat Jumps – 20 seconds 4:19
After completing all 4 exercises, rest 30 secs and repeat exercises (4 total rounds = approx. 9 minutes).

C-Skip In Place – 20 seconds right leg and 20 second left leg 5:17
Bicycles – 30 seconds 5:36
Alternating Lunges – 30 seconds 5:50
Line Jumps – 30 seconds 6:01
After completing all 4 exercises, rest 30 secs and repeat exercises (4 total rounds = approx. 9 minutes).

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11 Responses

  1. Hope you enjoyed the video and be sure to grab your FREE WORKOUT here: https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/lg/conditioning.html

  2. Excellent video, good Work !!!!
    Although, friendly note, this is not squat jumps, more like CMJ's

  3. Melina Vltp says:

    Wait we do 4 sets of round one ok? In each set should we rest? I am not talking about before moving to round two. I mean after completing 4 exercises of round 1 before go to the second time to do 4 exercises of round 1 should i rest?

  4. Greylan Bail says:

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  5. I got 3 weeks until tryouts. Gonna do this everyday until then. Thanks✌🏽 (might give feedback in comments)

  6. FactionsDoug says:

    Thanks for the video coach this really helped me. I play Aau with a extremely high ranked team so I have to stay on that workout grind💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾😀

  7. Mistake says:

    Is 20 mins long enough ?? And how often are we suppose to condition

  8. Caliology says:

    Hello, my question is after the 1st round onto the 2nd round, how much should I rest? Before I get to round 2

  9. Great video I enjoy learning more as a basketball coach to improve my players Thank You! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFI2pPNPjeH9rR2kDkeKXcw?sub_confirmation=1

  10. AZ 13 says:

    Hey, great workout, I just tried to do it and now I hardly feel my legs! I have a few questions to ask you though:
    1. How much rest are you supposed to have between the first conditioning exercises and the second? I mean, after you do 4 rounds of the first 4 exercises, how much time do I have to rest before proceeding to do the next 4?
    2. Should I do this workout everyday or is it better to have a day of rest between each workout?
    Thanks again for doing this, I'm sure I'll have some results whenever we can come back playing!

  11. Ace Hardy says:


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