Try this intense, 20 minute full body, HIIT workout #WithMe no equipment needed! Welcome to the NEW MADFIT space! Hopefully this new set-up takes your workout experience with me to the next level! Can’t wait to share even more content with you from this space!
#HomeWorkout #fullbodyworkout

⭐️ SHOP MY COOKBOOKS!: https://goo.gl/XHwUJg

⭐️ DO THIS WARM UP FIRST: http://bit.ly/2riv8T6
⭐️ APARTMENT FRIENDLY WARM UP: https://bit.ly/2Bounwk
⭐️ DO THIS COOL DOWN AFTER (15 min): http://bit.ly/2YO55PP
⭐️ COOL DOWN (5 min): https://bit.ly/3hqWdbf

👉🏼THE MAT I USE (Exercise 6X4): http://gorillamats.com?aff=19 (MADFIT10 for 10% off)

👉🏼SUBSCRIBE TO MY PERSONAL CHANNEL (what i eat, recipes, vlogs): https://goo.gl/WTpDQk

✘ I N S T A G R A M: @madfit.ig
✘ T W I T T E R: @maddielymburner
✘ F A C E B O O K: facebook.com/madfit.ig
✉ C O N T A C T (business inquiries): madfit95@gmail.com

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40 Responses

  1. MadFit says:

    WELCOME TO THE NEW SPACE!! I am beyond excited to share this with you guys. I hope that this new set-up takes your workout experience with me to the next level. SO MUCH more to come from me in this space, so stay tuned! None of this would be possible without your support. I am BEYOND grateful that my job is to be your virtual personal trainer… it truly is a dream come true. I cannot say thank- you enough. Sending you all my love! Xx – Maddie

  2. Amy Wilbur says:

    The snake plant is missing tho 🙁 one of my favorite plants!
    I was curious Maddie if you would make a video (or videos) about what you eat since nutrition and exercise go hand and hand in a healthy lifestyle!

  3. I love the new space and audio! I do miss hearing your feet stomp on the mat though! This one was really hard on my wrists. Could barely do round 2 because they hurt so bad. Anyone else?

  4. i think music should be little louder with maddie

  5. Anna Smusz says:

    Love it Maddie ! 🙂

  6. cjolagh says:

    Congrats on the new space. It’s so beautiful! Loving the new intro song and new timer format. Loved this workout as well!

  7. Watching and thinking: if madi seems to be tired, how am I gonna be at the end of this workout 😥

  8. J- Scribble says:

    Can’t wait to get back into your workouts after my pregnancy is over. Love the new studio! 🙂

  9. Congratulations on the new space! It is gorgeous!!! This was just the video we needed today. Love the new moves. Thanks so much, Maddie!

  10. woooow, what a wonderful space! congratulationss <3

  11. Zeliha Arık says:

    ı really lıke this place very lovely and thank you for thıs workout 😗

  12. STILL says:

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🔻

  13. Yassss queen! Chase those dreams!! Love seeing you grow your passion!!

  14. Thank you so much maddie for your work! I have been doing your workouts for more than a year already and I am so happy with how strong I’ve become! More blessings to come 🙏🙏💚♥️

  15. Payton Kline says:

    So proud of you Maddie! You are amazing and I am so grateful for you and what you bring to the world!!

  16. Stacey M says:

    Please do a workout routine to Maggie Rogers – Alaska! 🙂 🙂

  17. Linda Drugan says:

    Love the new studio, much continued success!

  18. Rhineville says:

    The acoustics are great!

  19. SoCal Toobie says:

    Loved the new moves! My palms/wrists are feeling it. And that’s with a 1” thick mat. ✋🤚😮

  20. Wendy. says:

    Congratulations on the new space. You deserve!

  21. Since April’s lockdown, I found your YouTube channel, and it has been motivated me to do my workouts 4-5 days per week! I was weighed 143 lb, and now I weighting 132 lb!!! Thank u so much for your videos!!!! Greetings from Mexico🤩💕

  22. Love this space and the new audio! Feels like you're right here with me 😁 I would've stuck with you without it, but so glad you have it. You deserve this beautiful space for all the hard work you do and keep us all coming back for more! 😊❤💪

  23. CG Stilo says:

    Fantastic 👏👏👏👏👏

  24. Buffy Hoang says:

    Love ittttt thank youuuuu congrats on your new studio 🎉🎉🎉

  25. Jerry S says:

    As Long as Maddie is Happy …We are happy as well ….Congrats 🎉🎊This is just the beginning of what's to come….Time to get MadFit💪🏽❤️✨

  26. Loved this one! Congrats on the new space!

  27. Soft ASMR says:

    Congratulations on your new space!! So happy for you, you deserve all this and more❤️

  28. Very nice!! Lovly classs

  29. Türkiye'den selam ve bol nefesler

  30. Beth Hunt says:

    Congratulations on your amazing new studio! Nobody deserves it more! Thank you so much for your great workouts and your positivity. I can see my abs for this first time since having babies (my youngest is almost 12)! Here’s to a wonderful new chapter!🎉❤️

  31. Well done on the new space, it looks awesome 👏🏾

  32. eep31 says:

    SO HAPPY FOR U <3<3<3

  33. wow this is a great studio looks amazing and I really like different angle cameras! A lot of hard work and consistency. You deserve it!

  34. Agata Z says:

    Wow this studio is AMAIZING GIRLLLL

  35. Gabriela B. says:

    Love this workout and especially the new setup!

  36. The new studio is beautiful! I was afraid that it wont have the same home workout feeling, but you are still shining and the different camera positions also helped a lot! Exercises are challqnging but still easy to follow 😍 thank you for this amazing and sweety experience 💪

  37. Thank you Maddie for being so kind! And teaching us your inspiring workouts.

  38. Ava Crane says:

    this is so professional i literally can't i love it

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