Fit Over 40 Workout: Total Body Workouts For Women Over 40

This workout kicks off our Fit Over 40 Challenge that will be going on this month. The challenge includes daily emails with inspiration and information so you can confidently care for your body. Plus there will be fun contests (prizes too!), Live workouts like this, cooking classes and Bible studies. Sign up today

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12 Responses

  1. So great to be doing it live with you today! Fun you are in my time zone!

  2. Angela Pope says:

    Can’t heart you sis

  3. Camden Smith says:

    Love your hard work but that mic did not work:(

  4. Great workout but a little difficult to hear you.

  5. Having worship with my workout is awesome! Thanks to all the team for a great job today! Hard to hear some of what Michelle is saying sometimes but the worship mic was perfect!

  6. Loved it, Michelle!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your prayers. Faithful workouts means so much to me!!

  7. Kim Hines says:

    I made it through most of it. Thanks for the modifications!

  8. N H says:

    Loved the exercises. You wore me out! Could understand only a bit of what was said.

  9. Karen Morris says:

    I couldn't hear you loud enough. It was like you were talking without a microphone. I like the exercise routine. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  10. melina says:

    I prefer the old format. Sorry…

  11. Terri Walton says:

    I loved the workout…the music, the biblical encouragement, etc!! but I personally need a little more direction in my form and technique as a newbie. Is there a resource that you provide on your blog with that kind of information? Or can you include a bit during the videos. Thank you! I am thankful for this opportunity! ( and I am having a bit of trouble hearing you clearly).

  12. Unable to make out conversation. Too noisy maybe echo

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