Live Marching Workout (Quick 30 Minutes) Exercise Walking at Home-No Equipment Required Beginner

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Join me for a Marching (Walking at Home) workout we filmed *LIVE* this morning. Skip to 4:55 to begin the warm-up. It was so much fun, and thank you for those who walked with us live. Please let us know what you think! Comment below, and also let us know of any other workouts you’d like me to film in the future. Also, where are you from? Would love to know where you’re marching with me today! Hoping to keep everyone healthy mentally and physically at this time.

Level: All Levels Welcome (high intensity or low Intensity level options are offered throughout the entire workout)
Description: Go through a quick warm-up walking or marching in place then moving front to back, and side to side. We’ll do knee lifts, ham curls, front kicks, and add in a few power bursts with jogs, skips, hop ham curls, and hop kicks.

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47 Responses

  1. Walking with you from Ireland ☘️

  2. Amanda Gibbs says:

    That was fun! Been thinking of you Jenny Ford, I hope you are finding peace.

  3. Jen W says:

    I don't see your march across America videos anymore on youtube! did you take them down?

  4. This video glitches toward the end but I love the workout

  5. J h says:

    Jenny, where did all the march across America workouts go?

  6. These marching workouts are giving me results!!! My hips and but are sore, but at least I know what muscles are being worked.

  7. Co LeHavre says:

    Super!! Merci !! Bonjour de France 🙂

  8. First time did your workout. Was a good one thanks. Terry from Wauwatosa Wisconsin.

  9. Liz Harris says:

    Great workout but unprofessional finish as it freezes near the end. Please correct this as it spoils the otherwise brilliant experience. Kew Gardens UK

  10. Joining you from South Dakota

  11. MJ says:

    Needed a workout so this walking workout was awesome. Getting back in shape in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks Jenny. The video was wonky at the end for me but I'm sweating so how bad could of been? LOL! Thanks get them coming!

  12. Marching in Seattle, WA. Thanks!!

  13. Thanks Jenny! Marching with you from Washington DC!! Lots of police activity outside tonight so I am staying inside but also staying active!! So much more fun to do it with someone else. You are looking awesome BTW!!

  14. Laura Taff says:

    I teared up a little when you said you work out to control anxiety. Me too! It is my driving force to exercise and I love working out with you, Jenny.

  15. 01Bonnie03 says:

    More of those walking workouts, please Jenny !!!!! 🙂

  16. I love the opening upbeat

  17. Can you fix this video, it freezes at the end!

  18. Diane Heinze says:

    This workout is just what I have been looking for in a workout. I have been walking for exercise during the lockdown this year, and now that it is dark after work I needed to find alternatives. My aerobic capacity has suffered and my joints are becoming sensitive as I'm getting older. I found this workout perfect to participate at my own level based, as you say, on my energy level at that time. Thank you for offering this to us, Jenny! I'm a new fan!! Exercising in Connecticut!!

  19. Ready to go. From Manitoba

  20. video was really off that I couldn't follow it half way through to the end.

  21. This is one of my favorite workouts! The background is gorgeous and it's so fun to do. I'm sure I'm responsible for 100 of the views….lol Please do more workouts like this!
    I'm in Fargo ND, GO BISON 🤘🏼

  22. Love these videos from Akron Ohio.

  23. Thank you, Jenny! Loved this workout. Walking with you in California.

  24. Hi! Jenny, I am almost 67 years old and I am marching with you from Manila, Philippines!! I love this work-out!! Keep it up!!

  25. Great workout thanks. From Lincoln NE

  26. This was great. Thanks so much. I’ve just down a few of your steps vids. Loved the marching one too!

  27. rmcjr47 says:

    Hi Jenny, I am watching and following from Palm Coast Florida and I am sweating! Great walk! Thanks

  28. Did this workout today. Really good enjoy this so much.

  29. Thanks from Fort Worth, TX! Great workout!

  30. Hi Jenny. Daisy here from South Africa. I am enjoying the step workout. I have now learned the basic steps and I love stepping. I would like to purchase a Bench Barre. Do you ship to South Africa? If not, do you know where I can purchase it in South Africa?

  31. Shweaty! I've been neglecting myself and ready to get back in it. Thank you Jenny for always being here for me!

  32. linda t says:

    Jenny, I loved this workout. I am almost 70 & had no problem doing all of it. BTW, loved your encouragement as we marched.

  33. Zeb Williams says:

    Thank you Jenny fab workout and loved the scenery, just beautiful!!! Zeb UK xxx

  34. Julie Chi says:

    Nice workout! I used ankle and wrist weights for an extra push. Thanks, Jenny. Julie from Virginia.

  35. Leanne says:

    Great workout but the music is louder than your voice. At least on my end it is. 🙁

  36. Great workout…first time… exercising from Maple, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

  37. Just found you. I am from Ohio and am 69 years young. Have done Leslie Sansone for years and recently started looking for some other options for the over 60 group. I am in reasonably decent shape but do have some weight to lose. Also deal with bad knees so have to be a bit careful with deep bends and twists. I liked your workout very much and maintained to the end. Just walked fast with a few of your jumps😄. Sadly the video froze up toward the end but I just kept marching till I saw the end. Hope to do a few more with you along the way. Thank you Jenny.💕🌹

  38. thanks Jenny. You got me marching, sweating and still smiling!!!

  39. Love this video. Thanks from Germany

  40. Lisa K says:

    Another great workout! Loved it! The grapevine with pop was fun. Also enjoyed the skip knee hops and double hams. Thank you for being so inspiring and motivating.

  41. Tomatosoup says:

    I loooove your March-workouts. ❤️

  42. Princessa G says:

    Walking from Vancouver BC👍 I actually logged 4136 steps!

  43. Hey Jenny. Will you be doing anymore live marching ones? Unfortunately I don’t have a step and I don’t think I have enough coordination to do the step ones 😕

  44. Rena says:

    That was a great workout. It really got my heart rate up.

  45. Olá Jenny, amo seus exercícios. São maravilhosos

  46. M H says:

    Hello, I don't follow you live but I really love this one. I'm in London, UK and do one of your workouts every morning. Thank you Jenny Ford – your workouts have saved me during this lockdown!

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