FULL WEEK Workout PLAN For MUSCLE GAIN At HOME With DUMBBELLS is simple BUT VERY effective to help you gain muscle!
Here are some notes to consider before starting this Full Week Workout Plan for Muscle Gain at HOME with Dumbbells:
– For advanced level, do 20 reps of each exercise for the total of 4 sets.
– For beginners level, you can to either 1,2 or 3 set and switch your reps between 10-20 reps and increase them over time up to 20 reps in 4 sets (Advanced).
– Rest 1-2 minutes between each exercise.
– drink lots of water
– Workout at your own pace
– If you get tires rest
– Always talk to your doctor before starting any workout program

Mondays (Chest -The best chest workout with dumbbells):
00:00 Intro
02:13 – Decline push-ups(Chest)
02:34 – Incline push-ups close grip(Inner chest)
02:50 – Push-ups regular(chest)
03:34 – Chest press single arm dumbbell(Chest)
03:25 – Chest press double dumbbells(Chest)
03:48 – Chest fly(Chest)
04:11 – Close grip chest press(Chest)
4:30 – Chest scoop dumbbell(Chest)

Tuesdays (Back- How to build your back with dumbbells):
04:56 – Snow angel(back)
05:28 – Deadlift dumbbells(back)
06:03 – One arm row dumbbell(back)
06:43 – Double row dumbbells(back)
07:13 – Plank row dumbbells(back)
07:38 – Shrugs dumbbells(traps-part of your back)

Wednesdays (Biceps with dumbbells | Lower abs)
07:57 – Hammer curl dumbbells(Biceps)
08:17 – Regular curls(Biceps)
08:41 – Reverse curls(Biceps)
08:59 – Concentration curls(Biceps)
09:21- Reverse crunches(Lower abs)
09:41 – Flutter kicks(Lower abs)
09:40 – Leg lift(Lower abs)

Thursdays (Triceps with dumbbells):
10:43 – Dips(Triceps)
11:28 – Close grip pushups(Triceps)
11:48 – Overhead extension(Triceps)
12:11 – Kickbacks(Triceps)
12:24 – Skull crushers(Triceps)
12:49- Cross body extensions(Triceps)

Fridays (Shoulders, Obliques):
13:05 – Shoulder press seated(Shoulders)
13:19 – Front raise(Front shoulders-Interior deltoids)
13:20 – Lateral raise(Shoulders)
13:45 – Rear fly-bend over(shoulders-back of shoulders)
13:58 – Clean & press(All shoulders-Everything shoulders)
14:12 – Oblique crunch(Obliques-Love handle)
14:24 – Leg lift sides(Obliques-Love handles)
14:35- Side planks(Love handles- Obliques)

Saturdays (Legs- Leg day- With | Without weights or dumbbells):
14:45 – Squats(Legs, butt and thighs)
15:09 – Lunges stationary (legs, butts and thighs)
15:19 – Lunges reverse alt. (Legs, butts and thighs and core)
15:35 – Split lunges(Legs butts, thighs and core)
15:45- Hip bridges(Hips, butt and hamstrings)
15:56 – Sumo squats(Inner thighs, glutes, hamstrings)
16:08 – Calve raise(calves, calves muscles)

Rest, repair, rebuild – Your rest day when working out is very important. Make sure you rest.

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Full Week Workout Plan for Muscle Gain at HOME with Dumbbells

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21 Responses

  1. Just did my first day and damn, that was difficult. As long as you eat enough this workout can definitely get you ripped.

  2. This is more helpful for an entire week after online classes! Thank you so much!

  3. Weakful says:

    This workout looked easy I tried it and dam this plan is gonna help so much thanks bro

  4. Why can’t every other fitness YouTuber be as simple as you and just get to the point, great video!

  5. Love what you are doing bro.

  6. vishnu 4519 says:

    Hello buddy. You are doing a great job. Thanks for inspiring us. Just a few question:
    1.) how do I increase my wrist size?
    2.) What should be the weight of my dumbells?

  7. Gurra says:

    Gonna start doing this. Thanks bro

  8. Natty Gainz says:

    Damnbro you hella shredded just checking in show my suppirt to your channel from new zealand

  9. Efthimis says:

    how much time you have to take between each set?(btw great video)

  10. Will I gain muscle mass if I’m skinny? Also just want to say thank you it’s a killer workout.

  11. Aki Akis says:

    Can you make a 4 days workout plan with dumbells

  12. dean lean says:

    Got a new subscriber my man !! Good vid

  13. 75 Fitness says:

    Love your channel!!

  14. Do you have any tips for people who can’t do push ups because they don’t have enough upper body strength yet? Seem to be doing fine with every step except push ups

  15. Eddie M. says:

    A video this well put together for a channel your size is very impressive. Thank you for making this, I'm beginning today with triceps. subscribed!

  16. Frankb932 says:

    This is so good! Greetings from Argentina.

  17. jcmuriel12 says:

    What you recommend if you only have 25 5 and 30 dumbbells? Can you still do this work out ?

  18. Brooo!!! Incredible workout

  19. Brother that is very good workout plan, kudos and thanks.

  20. Ali Hangouts says:

    Just bought dumbbells gonna start doing this workout , hope it’ll get me somewhere with my daily intake of 3,000+ calories

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