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A total body stretch is great for general wellness, flexibility, and pain relief. You can string these stretches together however you want for a relaxing whole body stretch from your head down to your toes. See a real-time version of this video:

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Total Body Stretch – Great for Beginners:

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25 Responses

  1. AskDoctorJo says:

    Buy a worksheet with all 28 of these moves for a Total Body Stretch at:
    Purchase a stretching strap like the one used in this video here: (affiliate link)
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  2. Fatimah Riaz says:

    The last one is my favourite

  3. Itz Mzchif says:

    I need stretches so I can do a backflip

  4. Melody candy says:

    I was wanting a video like this. For my mum she need to strech because she has some pains. And also I have lower back pain myself it's painful and stretching/working out helps always.

  5. I’m here cuz my teacher assigned this.

  6. Mr J J says:

    I used to have chronic neck and shoulder pain, this workout has changed my life, thank you. Thank you.

  7. Mariah Moore says:

    She’s got a nice physique! I subscribed!

  8. graven says:

    thanks! this was simple but effective.

  9. This is exactly what I needed.

  10. Nisha Nazran says:

    I have strained injury both legs can I do your exercises

  11. Quantum7Fire says:

    I saw this video and saw that I can use this for my P. E Performance task about basic stretches.

  12. Thanks Doc, our students get a lot outta this!

  13. This is the ONLY STRETCHING I do everyday,thank you so much 😊
    I'm a delivery driver and lift heavy things all day,this video is the only reason for me feeling better every day!

  14. Dellah 26 says:

    This is so relaxing

  15. I'm being inactive for more than a year.. my stamina level is too weak.. I'm gonna do this everyday.. starting from today.. thank you so much doctor Jo 🤗❤️ love from India 🇮🇳 can I do this stretching by using my waist belt?

  16. OLISA says:

    thank you so much for this video, its exactly what I needed 🙂

  17. alf23wlf says:

    What is that strap called that you're using at 11:00? It looks great to use.

  18. Thank you, this was really good 🙏🏽 after shoveling all the snow last week I am so sore 🙏🏽😜 all over

  19. engden says:

    my name is yoshikage kira i am 33 years old and i thank you for this exersize

  20. Eggtacle Man says:

    Leaving for boot camp in a month. Wanted to develop a daily stretching routine before I ship. Thank you for this video, it's exactly what I was looking for

  21. CambriePlays says:

    I have a pulled muscle in my leg, and I wanna run around in the snow, that is why I am here

  22. Me is here says:

    oh it was great thank youuuuuuu

  23. I love your personality, so inviting! Thank you for your channel, this is helping me feel so much better

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