Get Fit at Home! 10 min HIIT Cardio Workout (no jumping & no equipment)

A quick 10 minute no equipment, no noise, no jumping HIIT cardio workout! This routine is intense but low impact so that you can do at home and is apartment friendly ♡

Do this everyday to get fit!

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Do this cool down stretch after:

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23 Responses

  1. Anna McNulty says:

    I hope you all enjoy this workout!
    Since a lot of us are getting back into a busy schedule with school and work I wanted to give you a daily routine that is quick and effective. 💕

    Feel free to use #annamcnultychallenge on TikTok or Instagram to share your results! To cool down and stretch after I recommend this video:

  2. Sara L says:

    Me here cause I some reason don’t want anyone I. My house to know that I’m working out

  3. _Tanishka says:

    I have to get like you
    What do you eat in one day

  4. Anna mcnulty first time straight your leg show me how hard for you

  5. Arham Jain says:

    I love this roughtin ❤️❤️ and aana it also work on me . This exercise made me fit

  6. Neetu Sharma says:

    Wonderful at what age u started exercise

  7. You be You says:


  8. I wish anna was my PE teacher 🙂

  9. NAINA KUNDU says:

    Hey Anna,
    Pls upload a video of height gaining workout

  10. Al Razi says:

    When I'll do workout?

  11. that was amazing!!! i feel so much stronger even after just one time doing it. love u Anna

  12. All of your workouts are supercool. But I am just confused which one I should follow on a daily basis. BTW U R AMAZINH

  13. Lily Shafer says:

    doing this eveyday because I really need to get into shape, and I'm gonna edit this with every day i do it! i dont really have a set idea of when i want to do it until, so im gonna do it for as long as possible!

    day 1- 4/16/21
    day 2- 4/17/21

  14. I like your new profile picture more than the last one!!!
    I also like this video a lot!

  15. Is there a specific workout/workouts out of all the ones Anna has done that anyone would recommend that helps with belly and/or leg fat loss and/or calorie burning?

    What about:
    But it’s hard cause iam LAZY-

  17. Anna i love this workaut it helps me a lot and i git my splits today from you <3

  18. Anna can you please put a workout for losing belly fat

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