It Took Me 21 Years To Find My Perfect Workout Routine (And I'm Sharing It With You)

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What’s the perfect gym workout routine? 21 years later, I’ve found the one that works best for me, and I want to share it with you! I hope it works as well for you as it’s worked for me.

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35 Responses

  1. Spencer says:

    Turned into a infomercial 🤮

  2. Bruno Beckel says:

    The game analogy motivated me, thx Buff dudes

  3. Laurelindo says:

    Gotta love that "Weight Gain 4000" South Park reference.

    "Weight Gain 4000 – it's helping me bulk up!"

  4. I enjoy Upper, lower, push, pull & legs routine! 5 days a week and every workout is different.

  5. Lolwhatajoke says:

    The full body routine he describes around the 6 minute mark…that’s a lot of hours. 5 sets each body part every other day? Really?

  6. Rohan Singh says:

    Man the pandemic is fuck*ng up routine.

  7. Well that’s one way to explain periodization simply .

  8. Jakob Strand says:

    Hudson clearly hasn´t played Dark Souls.

  9. Mike Kelly says:

    One thing I really like about this channel is the lack of talk down. Most workout channels call you stupid for doing anything that isn’t what they say. Here? They say hey these aren’t exactly “mistakes” but part of the process to learning what works best for you.

  10. CJ ate only pizzas, chicken (mostly chicken) soda and snorted things, he worked out and was ripped in no time … What do you think of his routine?

  11. Zane says:

    I read "perfect workout poutine" 😑

  12. Preaching with the example. This buff dude is a great dad!

  13. HAMABLE says:

    i just got some of the cereal can’t wait for it to arrive this is gonna be so good i got 2 peanut butter cinnamon and coco
    oh no if i would have saw blueberry i would have got that ;(

  14. This man hasn’t played dark souls lol

  15. I came here for the poutine…

  16. Angga says:

    clickbait thumbnail. if you are overweight but still muscular, it's not your training routine that's wrong, it's your eating.

  17. My favorite video so far and I've watched dozens. Keep up the great content!!!

  18. L X says:

    Finally someone who says that all splits work!

  19. Pretty much all my life I've worked this "bro split" (first time I've heard the term, though).
    While I went to the gym first time at the age of 15 (so over 20 years ago), I've been put for years in total (family, work, illness…), but always it's been pretty much the same program with some mibor variations:
    Day 1: Legs (lower body), abs
    Day 2: Chest, upper back
    [Rest day]
    Day 3: Deadlifts, shoulders OR biceps (now I prefer shoulders, but I'll be introducing standing shoulder press with barbell so likely I'll change back to deads and bicepts)
    Day 4: Shoulders & triceps OR biceps and triceps

    I find this kind of split good and works with my life. Now with me being almost 40 yo, I've needed to introduce a rest week (every 4th or 5th week) to make sure I get the recovery (and this is also a good point to remember, and also was pointed out in the video; muscle and strength grow in the rest)

  20. Damn i came up with basically the same routine myself, its a cycle that consist of 4 training programs over a period of 6 months:
    -I would do 6 weeks of full-body 3 times a week.
    -Then upper-lower twice a week for another 6 weeks.
    -I take a week off.
    -then push pull legs twice a week for also 6 weeks.
    -Finally. I do a Bro split for 6 weeks.
    After that i rest for a week or two then repeat the cycle.

  21. @buff Dudes! Im 35 years old. I've only ever worked out Once in a while… in my life.. I eat the standard american diet… After watching your videos Im ready to change my life. But Im getting older and Im afraid of getting injured in the gym. Do you have a Basic Beginner Program I can purchase? so I can one day become a buff dude?

  22. I came here thinking this was a poutine video

  23. Yeah I disagree about the rest times low bit. As I got older I realized that when lifting heavier weights with good form set after set resting 2-3 minutes made a big difference. Even when I feel strong and can immediately just jump into my next set I force myself to wait. Those extra minutes slow down my breathing a bit allowing me to more even get a full breath while lowering the weight. Also I mainly train solo so resting more between sets also allows me to increase the weight as I progress up through the sets. Usually I use the first two sets as warm-up sets. I use 60% of my working weight load on the first set then 80% on my second. This is why I personally use the 5×5 StrongLifts method for a few months to up my max numbers so I can increase my overall strength and working loads. Then when I switch to a split routine I know where I am at.

  24. Josh Flaker says:

    Got the 4box magic spoon cereal for 40$ ate all 4boxs in 30min

  25. I am fifteen first part is relatable 😂

  26. my goal is to get down to 190 by the end of the year.

  27. Love the video game analogy 🤘 i'll workout while playing video game

  28. TinyPandaRed says:

    “Level 1 nightmare mode”

    AKA New Game +

  29. I'm still trying to find my routine may the light of gains shine down on me

  30. That video game analogy is LITERALLY how I train my clients. They stopped focusing on the scale and more on PRs 💪🏿

  31. Cmon guys just teach us all how you use gear

  32. that product is $13 per box in my country… yikes!

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