Workout Plan for Beginners | Fit Formula #4 | Blacksheep Go

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A Basic & Easy Workout Plan for Beginners By “Biglee Murali”


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32 Responses

  1. Rajesh Gopal says:

    Thank you sir for your service

  2. Mani Varmaz says:

    Bulking Workout podunga sir..

  3. Superb information Sir.. But engala mari beginners ku Monday, Tuesday entha workouts lam pannunganu oru videova potta atha parthu nanga anthantha day kulatha parthu pannuvom

  4. Ragul Raj says:

    Coach Push, pull, leg routine same variations eh continue pannalama illa each day kum variations change pannalama ?

  5. Nan beginner than ennaku branch press 100 kg mella pannanum naa first yantha muscles sa strong pannanum

  6. Kishore Av says:

    Hi bro, your vlogs are very good and informative…
    As a beginner, I have a doubt, please clarify bro.
    Please suggest me natural protein supplements to take before 6AM workout?
    Can we take that supplement during workouts?
    As beginner, எனக்கு energy or stamina போதுமான அளவு கிடைகளை…

  7. Excellent speech sir. I learn alot from you.

  8. Side Lovehandle fat fast ah reduce aaga Video Podunga Master.??

  9. mji Alex says:

    weekly three days work out plan tips சொல்லுங்க balance days cardio

  10. Bala Murugan says:

    Hi sir dead lift heavy weight pannum podhu back pain varuthu so epdi perfect ta deadlift panradhu…

  11. What is the safe period for a beginner to go to body building competition?

  12. Sir, what are are workout are soon get results and it's standard

  13. Gokul D says:

    Entha exercises home la panalama result kadikuma & diet plan Enna


  15. Rajeev m Pai says:


  16. Super bro keep rocking…👍🙏

  17. Biceps exercise sollala

  18. quity love says:

    Sir.. Na 1 week. La chest, sholder, back, leg chose paniruken.. Ipoo na monday la chest na. Tuesday la back oanuven6and wensday la sholder thursday la again chest ipadi panalama

  19. Krishan Vk says:

    Sir pull work panra time la legs pannalama?

  20. Thusha says:

    Konjam workout clips ooda explain pannunga
    Puriyuthilla light ah

  21. Fat loss yappdi panrthu sollga sir

  22. Raja B says:

    sir naan belly fat ah reduce pannanum ana ennaku entha madhiri exercise pannanum therila wight lifting pannanuma illa cardio pannanum weekly ethana days time cardio pannanum ethana days wightlifting pannanum sir

  23. Stomach side fact eppdi decrease idea sollunga bro

  24. ARUN PRASATH says:

    Oru naalaiku evlo neram workout pananum and oru naalaiku two body parts ku workout panlaamanu sollunga na

  25. Hole body workout #5 please

  26. Stephen Raj says:

    Give the video for Push, pull, leg split

  27. prabhu civil says:

    Hi …How to improve my height by gym excersice….

  28. aslam ahamed says:

    Practical video venum..pls

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