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  1. ASAP ANIME says:

    " road the plane " is still to this day one of the funniest things I ever heard in a song. 😆

  2. This song used to have me laughing idk lol

  3. Duuude pls do the lyric syncing better than this…can't even sing along without the lyrics disappearing before they're even sung in the song lol.

  4. Mista Keez says:

    i hate when the song doesn't flow with the lyrics very well.

  5. Hey, not that big of a deal, but the 3rd chicks name is "Ella May"
    It's not unusual for the southerners in our country to give their children two first names. lol

  6. this song's got an eminem vibe to it, i like

  7. Aaron Wilson says:

    use markers in the editing pane. its alot easier.

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