Killer Home Arm Workout For Women

Here is a killer home arm workout you can do with just a set of dumbbells for toned and strong biceps, triceps and more.

Do this slimming workout to be done 2x a week, 12-20 reps of each. This is an arm workout for beginners to advanced fitness levels. Adjust the weight according to each exercise to really feel the burn of the this killer work out.

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45 Responses

  1. TheAbStand says:

    Definitely a tough workout but really effective if you can stick through it!

  2. DietHealth says:

    Check out for a whole category of "no equipment workouts"!

  3. MoreMellow says:

    just use a bottle of water or sand or stones.. if you're too broke for that then idk.

  4. because there is little to nothing you can do without resistance (dumbells). Just improvise if you don't have a measly set of dumbells. Use water bottle or something or other like that instead.

  5. Moviefantasy says:

    `The thing I have heard is to use very low weight and do many instead. That will usual slim them, like what they do on this video, I dont know how much those things weigh but if you want slim, you usually shall do a lot and dont forget to stretch afterwards.

  6. R4D10H34D says:

    @recoveringangels3 gross.

  7. if you dont have dumbbells what else will work?
    (me= to cheap to buy any)

  8. WO FO says:

    who the fuck is saying she's fat? she's skinny as fuck

  9. Tal Seid says:

    People don't understand that there is a difference between being thin and being fit. These exercises will make your body fit and in perfect weight- if you want to be skinny thin, stop eating and starve yourself.

  10. will this make your arms thinner or more muscular? n how heavy should da dumbells be?

  11. tinkkiou says:

    @pflora1 YES I have this thought all the time. I'll be out to eat and my friend will say "like you have to worry!" when we're picking out food. Um, I look the way I do BECAUSE I worry!!!! WTF!

  12. rucsar ullah says:

    will this make my arms thinner or more tones and musculer?

  13. Layla khan says:

    not everybody has workout equipment at home so why not do a workout video without any equipment?

  14. P says:

    does this workout help you get slimmer arms too?

  15. Ashley S. says:

    She isn't fat, she just isn't toned. That guy is a stud too. These arm work outs are great! Thanks Sarah.

  16. I'm doing this with 10 Lbs .. Is that alright?

  17. Ephraïm J says:

    I'm getting addicted to doing this every day. It relaxes my arms so much once I'm finished.

  18. Shenize Lim says:

    @heomak yeah i really think so.
    yeaah..repeat the movement abt 12-2o times

  19. Shenize Lim says:

    @heomak does'nt tht mean repetition?

  20. hehegirl says:

    how heavy are the dumbbells? i don't really wanna build muscle…

  21. nevroth. says:

    Eat more protein after your workout, or in general. Protein builds muscle

  22. eat more carbs, lift weights

  23. roblc 8 says:

    how often should you work out on your arms with weights???

  24. VxNx says:

    i hate my body its too small i wanna look heavier but i dunno were to start…and also i wanna have muscles

  25. cc97365 says:

    do shoulder and pectoral work outs it will burn that away and also give a slight boobie lift 🙂

  26. Arm-workouts alone will not give you slim arms. Only a good diet, with slightly less calories per day then what you burn. That, and a nice cardio-workout as a combination will in time give the results that you´re after.

  27. katie h says:

    yeah okay, but i don't know how to fix it. :[

  28. katie h says:

    what do you do when like where your front part of arm meets the chest (hard to explain) but like, how would someone get rid of the flabby part there?

  29. Hi, Sarah can u give a good tip on how to get rid of my flabby arms? I want to tone my arms but I don't want it to look bulky. Pls help me out, thanks.

  30. M. Denis says:

    how often should u do these arm workouts

  31. nelly2395 says:

    sarah you have an amazing body-your really healthy and i love all your workout videos they really help me

  32. Christa Keir says:

    QUESTION: I just joined Bally's and you get one free session with a personal trainer. The girl told me that in order to get slim arms you need to do more reps with a lighter weight during arm exercises. To lose that jiggle arm (in tricep area) and get slim, not muscular arms, what's the maximum amount of reps you should do (I forgot to ask her)? 100? Is that with all kinds of arm workouts or should I just do large numbers of the tricep workouts? I'd appretiate advice from someone. Thanks!

  33. gurliegurl89 says:

    if u dont like it dont watch…if ur such an expert than shut up and do ur own workout u hater

  34. jahlove111 says:

    they keep saying that she's fat cuz they're jealous! she's fit and has a great body!

  35. pflora1 says:

    i love how everyone says
    "ohh, she doesn't have to do any of this, she's already so toned, and fit"

    but really, she's only toned and fit because she does all that.
    and if she stopped, she wouldn't look as toned after a little while.

  36. Onion says:

    In the last pic it is your photoshopped photo you made in "The Photoshop Effect"-video. LOL

  37. Why do people always say that she's fat?! WTF, she's got a great body and she does all these videos so she's clearly fit as well.

  38. mikuchan u need a chill pill she looks great and has the best video and tips! 🙂

  39. she looks find. quit being so antagonistic.

  40. mfromau says:

    She looks fantastic, she doesnt need to do a single thing!

  41. DietHealth says:

    alright – it's hard having to stay in tip top shape 365 days a year…

  42. Awesome…thanks 😀 Ill try it out 😀

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