5 Minute Dance Workout | Quick and Flirty Hip Hop Dance

Here’s a 5 minute quick hip hop dance workout sampler from our Flirty Hip Hop class! This is a high energy dance workout that channels your inner diva. Learn the diva pose and some amazing hair flip choreographies in just 5 minutes.This is a quick and easy hip hop dance workout to learn. Nicole is surely to get your heart rate pumping and your energy level up.

This quick dance workout is a 5 minute clip from our Flirty Hip Hop class. Join now to get access to the full 30 minute workout and so much more!

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Flirty Hip Hop is one of the dance workouts made available for you from Hip Shake Fitness! Your on demand dance workout studio. We are an inclusive community for women who love dancing to get fit.

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Flirty Hip Hop Dance Workout Instructor:
Nicole https://www.instagram.com/nicolelovesfire/

Try a sexy hip hop dance choreography

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17 Responses

  1. Bumble Bee says:

    Can you do this as some time thing or is it like a program type thing ??

  2. I'm starting a weight loss and health journey and this was day1.. I didn't think I would last the 5 minutes before I pushed play.. but it got me going and sweating And feeling confident and like how I used to feel back when I was in shape and had it going on.. I did this video 3x!! I got a good feeling I'ma be back to the old me in no time but this time I'ma look even better❤️

  3. hug bear says:

    exercise 👍 1 2 3 123 ♪ ♪♪

  4. Flirty Girl has nothing on this!

  5. I love how easy this was to follow 😍

  6. mary jane says:

    Nicole made me dance like aint nobody watchin me

  7. This is one of my faves!!! Love the many power babes here.

  8. i love this… i tried and it worked

  9. Saira Ailia says:

    This workout will make me feel cute, Tfs.

  10. Sarah Ballew says:

    Your are the best Nicole when I dance along with you I don't feel like I'm being judged

  11. Love fun workouts like this!. NewSubbie

  12. I love workouts that incorporate dancing.

  13. listen you need to slow down with your tutorials us beginners need to learn from basics and this is not broken down enough.

  14. Love it Darling. Definitely trying it out!

  15. Cia Windsor says:

    Nicole u are my new idol gosh love it

  16. I just started working out on 46 years old I have leg problems but I'm going to try this out thank you for sharing it looks simple but looks can be deceiving especially when you haven't worked out in years I do want to try and will do the best I can

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