The Truth About the Importance of Eating Post Workout

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “What is the importance of a post-workout meal, and how quickly should you have it?”

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620: Chris Kresser on the Chronic Disease Equation, the Potato Hack for Fat Loss, the Disease Worse than Being Eaten by a Shark & MORE

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“The Truth About the Importance of Eating Post Workout”
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9 Responses

  1. Ambar Ponti says:

    What I do is…I drink an energy drink before working out, only half. Then, after I’m done, I drink the other half. Life goes on after. I’m in no diet, yet. When I reunite with husband.

  2. Logie Mill$ says:

    I figured this out long ago when all post workout shakes and meals did was make me chubby

  3. I run in the morning, maybe a core workout, then eat some carbs and protein, go to work, carb/protein snack, lift, then a big dinner. If you're not super active, you'll be able to fast more, but between running, very physical labor, and strength training, I have to fuel my body throughout the day.

  4. JPZ says:

    So I have been taking my protein shake immediately after my exercise which I do at 5am. I'll eat my lunch around 12pm and dinner around 6pm. My question is would having the shake disrupt the fasting period that I was in from 6pm to 12pm? Anyone?

  5. Post workout meal or shake is not logical considering the state of our body's hormones active right after the workout.

    Intense weight/resistance training workout triggers many hormones and cortisol is one of them. It's purpose is to mobilize the energy reserves of our body and make it available to the body to get the workout done. It also triggers the adrenalin for stronger muscle activity, it shuts down digestive and some other system so that body may focus on challenging workout.

    So, during and right after workout, when cortisol is active, flow of energy is FROM the muscles (glycogen & protein breakdown) TOWARDS blood stream. Digestion is already stopped. So there is no way nutrients or protein shakes shall get digested and absorbed and make their way FROM blood TO muscles.

    It is only when cortisol gets back down significantly that body restarts digestion and sending nutrients to muscles.

    Hence post workout shakes do nothing but keep waiting for right time to get digested and absorbed.

    Better idea is to have carbs and protein shake an hour before workout. They shall be absorbed in this time. Carbs shall elevate the insulin to support muscle activity and reduce reliance overly on cortisol. Proteins shall be turned into amino acids that shall minimize muscle fibers breakdown and start repair work simultaneously during workout. It shall give us less dependency on post workout diets, lowered soreness and exhaustion, quicker recovery due to lesser breakdown.

    Today science believes that pre workout nutrition is more important than post workout nutrition by equipping the body with necessary resources to get through workout and recover from it.

  6. D. Edgar says:

    The post workout meal is more important if you’re lifting fasted

  7. I believed this so much in my early career as a personal trainer.

  8. Tactical POG says:

    Eat when you’re hungry

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