Exercises for People Over 60, YOU CAN DO IT! (At Home) by Bob and Brad

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Exercises for People Over 60, YOU CAN DO IT! (At Home) by Bob and Brad

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47 Responses

  1. After 4 minutes, still no instructions…..

  2. After lockdown covid weight gain, will I ever lose it???

  3. Wow! I love you two for giving us so many alternatives. Thank you!

  4. Love hearing from Both of you!

  5. Ronita De says:

    Thank you Bob & Brad for sharing this video. My mother is suffering from cervical neuropathy and polyneuropathy in her foot. She always feel that when she is walking there is no sensation, a padded foot. She is above 75 Docs suggested for a cervical spine surgery first. Then, considering her age they told not to go for surgery because it won't suit her. They recommended to do physical exercise. Can you please share some video regarding this. It would be a great help. Thanking you in advance.

  6. When are they going to stop talking?

  7. Thanks guys en bless you both.60+

  8. RedPat says:

    I’m about 73, have been working out all my life, but recently incurred some injuries from doing so things in my classes.
    After watching you guys, I realize that some of the things being taught in our adult community are not good for our demographic.
    Now I have to heal, regroup, and build an exercise program for myself. Thanks for enlightening me! 😃👍💥 RedPat

  9. I guess 59 year old will work also

  10. Gail Ewell says:

    Love these guys! Pulled my back out & watched all their videos! They are very good, funny 😄, & practical.

  11. Dont forget about low back issues…leg raises are not good for that.

  12. John Tait says:

    Very good and informative video gentlemen. I'm 71 and have kept myself fit and strong for many years. If I could pass on some wisdom to others, it is to do some exercise such as demonstrated above. You will feel better and stronger and it may get you off medication and away from medicos. Try it, you've got nothing to lose and it may add active years to your life..!! It's a real good investment..!! 😉

  13. THANK YOU! This is so helpful. I LOVE you guys, BTW!!!

  14. I am awaiting knee replacement and am 75. Should I try to do the squats?

  15. A.L. Young says:

    Wow!! It sure seems like a lot but im gonna be 60 next July and I totally need to exercise!! I suppose if I start off with a few at a time I can get use to exercise!! Man I love watching you guys!! If it wasn't for your awesome personalities I probably wouldn't watch you guys!! Your actually pretty funny sometimes too!! Thank you guys!! You are my inspiration!! P.S. in my world you both are the best Physical Therapist online!! Thank You so much for being here!!

  16. Madhu Swetta says:

    You are going advance one sorry …PLEASE THANK OF SENIORS…

  17. EMERGED LLC says:

    You guys are so enjoyable to watch! I always learn and laugh when watching. Keep up the great work. You're both inspiring and fun!

  18. Can you talk about which muscles to use for each exercise as they are done?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    These will be helpful. I'm 62 and had a bad fall 18 months ago, wracking both knees and hips. Squats have vastly improved my leg strength and tone; will add the others you show here.

  20. I thought you guys said not to do crunches on another video

  21. susan brandt says:

    Great video guys, thanks!

  22. pjr1525 says:

    Hi, do you ever intend to go on tour? ( England )

  23. pjr1525 says:

    Loved the push ups on the counter, I put my breakfast on the counter and take a mouthful every time I dip. 2 birds with 1 stone😊

  24. You made my day…let’s go to work with two of your exercises…🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  25. I love your videos. I've been working out for decades but as I near 60 years of age, I don't want to stop working out but I realize I do have to tweak my routine a bit to prevent injury. How many reps and sets should I be doing? My orthopedic doc said it's not necessary to do more than one set of about 16 reps with a challenging weight but still follow correct form. He said the gains you get from an additional set aren't worth it especially if you are trying to work out in a 45 minute time period including cardio. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS AND REPS AND SETS? Thanks

  26. Cindy Gaudet says:

    Been told not to do any exercise on my arm as i have mushed rotator cuff and significant bicep tear . Any ideas other than fingers up wall?

  27. Deanna says:

    You guys should show us your daily workouts

  28. siri at says:

    Please do make a video on mcl injury, and it's physical therapy management

  29. sandra brown says:

    Thank you both. I need to do all of these every day. For some reason I always think I am going to hurt more in the knees if I do. Will the pain ease up if I do them all every day.????

  30. Smile Smile says:

    Lol did he say strong like gumby?! 😂

  31. Good ideas. I need to be more physical and these exercises are a good start

  32. Thank you for this video! Clear and concise!!! refreshing lack of back and forth banter – sorry guys…that does get tiresome! You provide a great service – Thank you both⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  33. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and knowledge with us! You have helped me in so many ways. I found you last year when recovering from a tibial plateau fracture (Biking accident while training for a sprint triathelon). These strength exercises are very similar to ones I've done for the past 5 years (I'm now 73 years old), and the doctors credit fitness level to my rapid healing. Consistency is key….do what you can do with what you have on any given day. Over time it will make a huge difference in how you feel and your quality of life.
    Wish me luck as I train for my second marathon….it will be slow, but the real goal is to finish with a smile and all parts intact!
    And yes, I have gotten back on that bike….😉

  34. When you do arms, should they be done slower or holding at the top??

  35. Sharon L says:

    Thank you for this video! I'm only 54 but I work a very physical job and I ache all over. Low stress strengthening exercises are what I'm looking for.

  36. mish63pa says:

    I’m 55 and am looking to getting back into strength training. This is a perfect start for me!! Thank you! I talk about you guys all of the time!

  37. Noël Kin says:

    After a simple routine like this is necessary to sretch every muscle or not? Thanks

  38. Wish my grandma is going to watch this, she needs it.

  39. Thank you Bob Brad. Enjoy you Both

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