7 Absolute Best Exercises for Stopping Low Back Pain & Sciatica with Everyday Chores

7 Absolute Best Exercises for Stopping Low Back Pain & Sciatica with Everyday Chores

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Bob and Brad demonstrate a variety of exercises that can help stop low back pain or sciatica pain.

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41 Responses

  1. Matt Cable says:

    great videos Bob and Brad thank you! What about pain? is this something where pain is an indicator of injury and should be avoided or should you work through the pain? and which ever case is true, to what degree?

  2. Maybe its the person who does the titles for your videos, but you have something like seven million "absolute best" exercises for the lower back

  3. Ian Android says:

    Have extremely painful siatica and lost some function in my left leg. I have it about 4 months now it hasn't gotten much better and I'm going crazy. I get lower back spasms every morning which last for a few hours and sometime they even wake me up in the night. Doctors just keep prescribing me pain medication without even scanning my back. Stretching seems to give some relief however if I push too hard on these it causes a flare up. I hope this will resolve itself soon 😫😭😭😫

  4. Guys! You guys intro is briliant! 😁

  5. Thank you so much for fixing my back!!! You guys are the best physical therapists in the world.

  6. Mitra says:

    You are amazing, explaining nicely and kindly.

  7. Refat Rabadi says:

    I have a dumb question. Flexion is bending forward (why can’t it be called extension). and bending backward extension (?why not flexion). but that means you are flexible. ….So what’s the difference between flexion or extension.

  8. This is so good, thank you so much for giving these valuable excersises for my lower back pain ☺

  9. TheDirthound says:

    Is it advisable to do Mckenzie extension exercises if you have mild facet joint arthritis?

  10. Can sciatica patients do running and jumping

  11. Bad Touch says:

    Would the micro push up help for lower back muscle wastage?

  12. Thank you so much for giving tips for spondy and stenosis (plus pelvic tilt). I have been trying to figure out what helps for a long time, with many PT visits, and you guys are extremely helpful! I really appreciate all the work you put into helping us. Many Mahalos from Hawaii!

  13. Cathy Lee says:

    Hi Guys, your videos are the best, i have been watching for years. However, this new white screen video that I watched on my smart tv hurts my eyes, and may interfere with sleep if I watch you in the early evening because of the blue light. Your "in the PT room" videos are highly preferred. I bought the McKenzie books and the soft pollers you endorsed. Please go back to the PT room!

  14. Katie Kate says:

    Excellent advice! ☑️

  15. Thanks – ur clips are helpful.

  16. Driver 1ne says:

    Don’t say goodbye,I’m enjoying this thoughly you remind me of Gracie fields song well meet again! Uk

  17. DJ Jay-Kay says:

    Regarding the opp. arm/leg lifts:
    You can use an exercise ball to help stablize your core, especially if you have knee issues or are a beginner👌👍
    PS- you can also lie back on the ball and roll back to get a soft stretch in your back with more support!

  18. Dear bob & Brad, plz help.
    My mother age 55, is diabetic from last month, hypertensive from 3 years. Her legs muscles get stiff again and again and again.. 4th day of therapy is again on zero and ms gets stiff again. What should i do

  19. That's the most cheesy intro I've ever seen on YouTube. but I love it. Subscribed just for that. 🙂

  20. Love you two. Thanks a tonne for these folks ! Bless you with health, peace and happiness 😀

  21. A says:

    I did the extension exercise, the pain in my leg is gone and the pain is now centralized in my lower back. I have herniated disc in L4,L5 and S1. Should I continue the extension exercise?

  22. Gabe Sideris says:

    Dr Berg and your guy’s videos have helped me educated myself on my own body and health more than anything. You guys are awesome 🙂

  23. Arnaud Mevel says:

    Just wanna drop by and remind that there is currently no evidence confirming that bad posture is associated with any health problem. The issue is staying in a sitting position for too long (motion is lotion) ; posture seems less determinant ! 🙂

  24. Mark Kiner says:

    I’m 47 years old and have torn my ACL, will this heal in its own? I work in landscape construction, would you recommend having surgery?

  25. I've been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis. Do these exercises apply to that as well? Thanks.

  26. Judy Conrad says:

    Thank you Bob and Brad!!!!

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  28. Hello sir..
    I'm following you both for almost every pains etc.
    On 4th of October night, my mom(50 years age, height 5'3, weight around 73 kgs) with nowhere and no jerk got intense lower back pain with possibly no ability of mobility and there is difficulty in walking , sitting and lying down too.
    Sir, I'm worried and hope nothing is serious.
    Kindly help.
    Watching your vedios, I think it's sciatica pain, (from lower back till right leg above the knee) and I'm following the exercises too..
    But it's been almost 1 week and there is minimal improvement or not at all…!
    May be I'm not that frequent in exercises, just once in a day..
    Kindly guide sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Also, kindly make one vedio on all sorts of good postures for normal people with no pains of sitting, sleeping etc as you made on driving , to avoid & precaution of back pains
    Thanks 👍

  29. carko83 says:

    hi Bob and Brad. i cant seem to find anything for training biceps with herniated disc ( L4-L5 + L5-S1) pls help

  30. tank2003 says:

    I have sciatica caused by scar tissue. Would this be something that would help me or just temporary relief until the impingement occurs again?

  31. You dudes are the BEST! WHO KNEW physical therapy could be so much fun!!!

  32. Excellent, thank you!

  33. John Bentley says:

    I have severe lumbar stenosis and I am wondering if these exercises would be good for that.

  34. To the bands come with instructions on how to or where to place the anchors I'm five too so to replace them at my shoulder my waist???

  35. Question would this be good for sacroiliitis?

  36. moi says:

    What do you guys think about posture aids like the OPTP Posture Supporter for "re-training or training" your back to stay straight?

  37. Lori Winters says:

    Hi Bob & Brad! I'm watching your Utube videos & taking them all in. If I've got to I look back to see them again to help me. I've got a very bad back. So far doing the exercises before getting out of bed has helped. Thank you for taking your time showing us these great exercises! Take care!

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