Most Important Exercise For Seniors to Master

Most Important Exercise For Seniors to Master

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Bob and Brad demonstrate the most important exercises for seniors to do.

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25 Responses

  1. Thank you very much! You both present this in a great way! It really motivates me ànd makes me happy👍🙏👌😀

  2. My Version says:

    Thanks guys . Good exercises. They work well when your knees are stuffed .

  3. Rob Labow says:

    Try and do squats now while you can which is what I am doing, You will need stronger legs in the future when using the john. I attended a social group years ago and the lady in charge got us doing squats.

  4. I love u guys…you are funny and explain things well…i love getting advice from the experts on muscle movement ..physical therapists…

  5. Skipping Rope… it will not only build endurance… it will enhance your "coping skill" for stumbling, which is a symptom of old age…

  6. Squatters, getting rid of is tough exercise but I did it
    Thanks be to God! Sleep good medicine!

  7. Very buff guys for their age. It is great to see older men who aren't obese, which seems to be the new norm in the USA (not that I am an Adonis).

  8. mizz Tulips says:

    Any special exercises or advice for people with neuropathy—beside walking briskly, which I do already?My feet and legs get stiff and I want to keep that from progressing. Thank you!!

  9. carmel casey says:

    Thank you. Very useful information.

  10. KHM says:

    I found that my pelvic floor is wonderfully improved from doing squats! Good to see your video here to reinforce my exercising (61 years old).

  11. Beki Thomson says:

    Squats are great. One exercise I got in PT was the "potty squat". There are vids on it on YT, of course.

  12. SirGolfAlot says:

    Use a pound of bacon as a weight. Inspirational

  13. The internal slash coronally wave because customer terminally stare athwart a wonderful hyacinth. ratty, smelly decade

  14. Jacqueline says:

    Thank you for the clear instruction. I do all these moves, but it's helpful to get tips on good form and a reminder of the benefits of doing these exercises. Thank you!

  15. John Ferrari says:

    Just found you guys and these squat tips I'll start today. However, I recently caused myself ( by attempting karate kick ) to have a hip flexor injury which only took a couple days for me to feel and walk without pain, but i do still feel a tightness at times. I've been, for the most part, sedentary other than work i do around the house and time standing at computer. Any tips/advice on this?

  16. kim stringer says:

    Some people had back surgery, can’t do that…

  17. We get rid of your American over stretched accent.

  18. May I ask your advice ll what type of stretching or exercise I need to do for my right shoulder had injury of over stretch when I slipped on the floor 3 years ago. Had PT treatment several times but the pain still there. Every time I wake up in the morning had pain and limited range of motion.

  19. Hey guys, I usually appreciate your videos. A lot of stuff in this video would be impossible or dangerous for seniors with weak muscles and/or uncertain balance. I think you guys are in too good of a shape to realize what it's like : )

  20. Thank you both for this good advice and demonstrations. It is pleasant and easy to listen and watch you both. Very nice presentations.

  21. Edita Ramos says:


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