Nutrient Timing

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In bodybuilding circles nutrient timing has received much attention. Strong claims have been made regarding the ability of nutrient timing to modify muscle mass, body fat, and performance. But do the claims stack up to the science?

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25 Responses

  1. The post workout protein study didn't show results because they used non trained individuals, advanced people like us see HUGE difference between post workout protein and non-post workout

  2. What if its a 100g of carbs, from processed foods

  3. eating carbohydrates makes me sleepy and tired. everyone feels that doctor

  4. I need to get 6 meals in a a day but my day doesn't start until 3pm so when should my last meal be? And how many hours after should I re start the process

  5. jweber544 says:

    This was a really honest, fact based video, with a healthy dose of common sense.
    That is extremely rare to find these days so thank you Layne.

  6. 3:30 endurance training are catabolic ?

  7. S says:

    I sometimes don't eat much protein during the day then have a big BBQ dinner where I eat a ton of protein along with some veggies and maybe some carbs but not always. I know this is wasted protein intake but are there any other negative effects from doing this? I know I don't usually feel good afterwards, especially if I drink wine (I feel like beer is better for my stomach cos it's higher in carbs).

  8. OG Grinder says:

    Word of the day “feel”

  9. I personally love carbs pre and post workout too and any other time of the day as well lol

  10. FreedomFox1 says:

    If I don’t have a carb-rich meal before training, I feel mentally depleted (but not necessarily physically depleted) by the end of it. It almost feels like I have low testosterone (which I know isn’t the case, because I’m on TRT). So I just do what feels right.

  11. Pipper Stake says:

    What if I do 5 mini workouts per day each workout is 15 minutes. Then after each workout I eat a meal. Wouldn't that be optimal?

  12. a leh says:

    I eat 30-40g of only carbs before bed… I sleep so much better. Is there any science to that seratonin melatonin connection? I don't know. I feel a difference though.. Placebo?

  13. I grew up trying to translate workout/bodybuilding magazines for my dad who only spoke Spanish … I also grew up on shake after workout within that 30 minute window. I still love it because it holds me over for my real meal 😂

  14. NWE Capital says:

    Me: When I eat carbs before my workout I feel tired.

    Layne: There’s no evidence to support that.

  15. Lb96 says:

    Why don't you link all these studies, or are you talking out your ass

  16. Does it have to be a meal, or would a protein shake in the morning be sufficient? Then one in the afternoon.

  17. Ghandi Blyat says:

    How frequently are we talking about upregulating MPS? Example if I consume 30-50 grams of protein in a meal. Then take a snack rich in protein 30-90 minutes later is that to frequent to maintain or upregulate the MPS.

  18. Nicole Smith says:

    Love the length of your posts. Not too long, not too short!

  19. Great video Layne, such good points and you are so clear about what is evidence based. I love how you explain your own preference. I always run into this same idea with total calories. "Oh you shouldn't eat much at night cause you will store it as fat but eating more in the morning is ok". I have run into people believing this SO MUCH! sometimes people literally refuse to accept the evidence I give them for it because they are so entrenched in this. Anyways, great point about protein distribution and all the best to you!

  20. presjo says:

    2x studies that come to mind, are the Cribb+Hayes paper, and the Mori paper.
    In well-trained athletes at least, surrounding hard training sessions with proper nutrients, DOES make a difference

  21. What about eating protein with carbs and fats? Is that Important for muscle growth

  22. Julien L. says:

    I had a Nutella ad before this 😅😅

  23. Yes, sometimes we need to do stuff "just because we like it."

  24. Milos sarcev destroys lane. Utter destruction

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