How To Create Your Own Workout Schedule I How to Create A Workout Plan For Beginners

how to create your own workout schedule I How to create a workout plan for beginners
how to create a strength training program .

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My name is Eric Roberts and I am going to lay out exactly how to create your own workout schedule in this video.

This Is the first part of a 2 part series.

This video will be based around the principles of what your workout should be, and how to set up your weekly workout.

Part 2 will be giving exact sets and reps, with an example of a lower body workout day.

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Talk soon. -E

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33 Responses

  1. I get what your saying but I dont see myself doing this Especially without a trainer.

  2. A. S. says:

    When I do hip thrusts with 45lbs on each side, I feel them in my glutes much more than when I go heavy and put 80lbs on each side. That's so confusing to me. Shouldn't I feel the higher weight much more?🤔😧

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  5. Peyton Rowe says:

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  6. Esso says:

    I just downloaded your book and i was genuinely surprised by the amount of work outs and how you explain them and everything. I'm so glad I came across you actually almost last week when I was about to start my calories and now I wanted to create my own Work out plan you're here with all these information. I really appreciate it thanks man

  7. What do you think Chloe ting work out routines?

  8. Nice cut boooiii 😊

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  10. Anthony King says:

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  12. Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost their weight with this popular lose weight method.

  13. "Its not about how many days you work out, its about how much effort you put into it." Love it.

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  16. Grace Ndem says:

    Thank you for this! Subscribed immediately! What if you work out at home due to closed gyms for Covid. And I have only a few weights and can’t really increase much. Would you just say up the reps each week then?

  17. Very informative ❤️thank you

  18. Wow! Eye opener for sure. Thank you 🙏

  19. Hi Eric, progressive overload question. Additional stress in the form of weight, how regular? Just when you feel it’s right or week to week increases? Thanks.

  20. Great advice. Been trying to get away from watching exercise videos & make plan of my own . Think I can do it now with your suggestions

  21. Hey Eric, is it normal to feel kinda burned out from a workout when you haven’t worked out in a while?

  22. You’re honestly the best, bless you

  23. cjDboys1 says:

    Where do I even begin I went to check out your free workouts but I really don’t know where to start off those workouts seem quite advanced ? I want to workout 3 times a week

  24. itsyolislife says:

    How can we do this at home if gyms are still closed? 🥺

  25. For someone who is extremely obese, need to lose about 100lbs. What are some workouts that would be low impact on joints but would be good for weightloss

  26. cjDboys1 says:

    Hey E
    Just downloaded the 52 metabolic workouts from your website I want to start off with three times a week workout sessions. How many of those do you recommend per day ? Ex day 1 lower body how many sets sessions in the lower body tab should I begin with ?

  27. Hey man I’ve been on a deficit for a while now and I’ve been wondering if I should reverse diet?. Also Im about 23% body fat and I have this pouch of fat on my stomach and I need to know if it will go away if I stay on a deficit

  28. What would you recommend buying to use at home for strength training? Would kettle bells be a good option?

  29. Nita Tuli says:

    Love this!!!! Learning soo much from your page

  30. Evie_j says:

    Thank you for this information

  31. Kausar Ahmed says:

    Hey, quick question, can you still get the same results by doing strength training without weights? All the gyms in my area are closed atm so please help. Thank you

  32. Marie Garces says:

    Really good video. Learned a lot. Thank you

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