Push Pull Legs and Body Part Split Workout Plan | Resistance Bands Routines | Part 3

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Hey guys, check out these two advanced level resistance bands routines, the Push-pull legs, and Body part split. Follow these workout plans at home and transform yourself into the best shape of your life without going gym. All you need is these bands and you are good to go for a kick-ass workout at home!!

PPL and Body Part Split Workout Plan PDF Document:

Intro: 00:00
PPL Plan: 00:54
Body Split Plan: 02:35
PPL Workouts: 04:01
Body Split Workouts: 05:01
Workout video: 6:03
The best question of the week: 11:55

You can find the detailed explanation of each workout in these videos:-

Resistance Band Full Body Workout Video

Advanced Series Session 1 – Biceps

Advanced Series Session 2 – Triceps

Advanced Series Session 3 – Chest

Advanced Series Session 4 – Legs

Advanced Series Session 5 – Back

Advanced Series Session 6 – Shoulder

Advanced Series Session 7 – Abs

Advanced Series Session 8 – Forearms

Beginner Workout Plan

Intermediate Workout Plan

Best Question of The Week

Q. Sir can you explain to us how this workout for upper and lower body with two days rest is better than a single muscle group a day with a day of rest?? Most local gyms teach us to do one muscle group a day, how is this plan more effective?
Ans. Hi Sai, If you want to maximize gains and see better results, you should train each muscle group at least twice a week because every muscle group takes around 48-72 hours to recover completely from the previous workout so if you are training that muscle only once a week, then you are losing the opportunity to maximize the gains. It’s not a very efficient and effective approach unless the volume and intensity of your workout are really high.
I bought these bands from Amazon.com. Here is the link

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  1. Which is the best excercise to get vertical line for abs.

  2. Joydeep Das says:

    Sir your contact number pls.joydeep das.usa.

  3. Its getting harder day by day is that normal? Reply please!:)

  4. Waah yr 22 nzara liyata bohut help krdia teri videos 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Justin Sunny says:

    Can you provide a link to buy from Indian Amazon site or guide to but from any estore in India

  6. Amazing sir, thank you recently started Band workout, was clueless where too start!

  7. Is it ok if i use less weight and do more reps? Plz ans

  8. Dipesh Gupta says:

    Do you have any resistance band recommendation for India?

  9. Raju Jindam says:

    What is the best time for workout & why? What will happen if we do workout on empty stomach in the morning.

  10. amna anam says:

    Woman weight loss ka liya is workout ko follow kar skti ha??????

  11. prudent ali says:

    Bhai agr main belly fat km krny ki koshish krta hon to mery muscles bhi km hona shro ho jaty hn.muscles ko km hony say rokny k lie kia krna chaiey

  12. rahul yogi says:

    Bro, which company resistance band do you use.. please give the link

  13. V.nice.Demonstration sir

  14. Hey man, I have a doubt and I hope you can answer my question.
    I used to gym but I stopped due to personal reasons. I recently stumbled on your resistance band workout videos and decided to start again and I wish to know what do you suggest between the two workout programs?

  15. Hey…Nice stuff brother…Its been 2 months i am following your workout routines…Loving it.
    Just need to know which brand resistance bands are you using ? Need to buy new.

  16. Pankaj Singh says:

    Apni ful body muscles ko badhane ke liye Hafte mein kitne din exercise Karni chahie aur kaun kaun exercise ko ek Sath kar sakte hain aur Kitne Din Ka rest Hona chahie thoda detail bataiye

  17. Link for resistance tube setup???

  18. Puneet Gupta says:

    Aur yeh jo groups bnaye h Apne yeh Monday Tuesday wed k acc krne h workout ??

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    Huge repect sir 🙏 Tnx for great information and every detail you will deserve 1 M soon . Keep going on 🙌.

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