A WEEK OF WORKOUTS | my current workout routine

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37 Responses

  1. Could you link the black tank top please?

  2. this was so motivating idk loved itt!

  3. Hi gorgeous from where is your necklaces?

  4. Where are the workouts so we can screenshot?

  5. Aashna says:

    She wore heels just to film the intro. THE DEDICATION-

  6. Mari says:

    Jesus Christ is coming back soon! Please be prepared and turn away from sin!!🙏🏼✝️🤍

  7. Alyssa M says:

    I can relate as the dog

  8. oofers says:

    I started feeling bad about myself so I started working out and omg. I still struggle with insecurity and stuff like that but working out has made me feel so much better about myself. thank you for giving me more workout ideas 💖

  9. i don't see the workout list of what you do. so if you could respond back with a comment on what you do and for how many sets etc that would mean a lot :))

  10. Kati Piper says:

    It made me so sad at 18:17 that you said “ugly yellow vans” because I own those vans I would’ve even said they were my cutest pair of shoes and now I’m kinda self conscious 🙁

  11. I use the same mascara it's soooo good

  12. elle beverly says:

    Where’s the workouts in the description?

  13. elle beverly says:

    Did u go to a personal trainer first to get your form right?

  14. Gene Lee says:

    Yayyy grandpa. Smart man.

  15. Katie Shimek says:

    Anyone else get a McDonalds ad before this 😂

  16. Rafiqee says:

    hi👋, i'm new here, your video pops up in my recommendation, and just subbed, btw nice video😊

  17. loved this video! your hair looks super cute in one braid too on Tuesday! and that old man😩amazing video!

  18. i have a yorkie too <3

  19. Joe Pak says:

    By this time she is gonna be buff like those over-exaggerated muscular people in anime XD.

  20. How do you motivate yourself to workout everyday? Or how do you keep yourself motivated?

  21. Samantha sWU says:

    what size is the grey long sleeve top? lovee it

  22. Alex Kelso says:

    Bailey your personality is everything 😊

  23. Bailey’s editing was SO good in this video!! I loved this one!!

  24. I got Amazon teen!! Best thing ever definitely recommend!!

  25. Keith says:

    That grandpa just can’t keep his eyes of ur a** lol

  26. Mary Whidden says:

    ur literally so funny

  27. Maddy Mulloy says:

    You should make a summer clothing haul

  28. That old man staring at you 😭 what the frick– also thank you so much for making this video! I needed workouts for this summer and this really helped me get some ideas!

  29. Omg she makes things so effortlessly funny like some influencers are so fake and try to be funny but like Bailey is actually funny and I can tell it is her personality

  30. Abby Faitak says:

    omg her dog when she was doing yoga 😂

  31. I LOVE you you’re so freakin pretty!!!!🤩❤️🥰

  32. omg I died at the grandpa part lol

  33. gurl lmfao why are you wearing vans

  34. Love uou bailey. Such a big fan .sending so much love.❤❤❤❤

  35. I did track too! How good did u consider yourself?

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