Full Week of Workouts | My Workout Routine With a 5 Day Split | New Merch Haul

Full Week of Workouts | My Workout Routine With a 5 Day Split | New Merch Haul
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Hey Everyone! Enjoy my full week of workouts! I train 5 days a week!
Also, I’m sorry for the delay! I’ve been out traveling and didn’t have time to edit.

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Day One:
Adapt Animal Sports Bra (Black) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-BlackAnimalSportBra
Adapt Animal Leggings (Black) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-BlackAnimalLeggings
Day Two:
Scoop Neck Training Bra (Green) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-ScoopNeckTrainingBra
Loose Training Shorts -(sold out)
Day Three:
Light Pink Camo Shorts – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-PinkCamoShorts
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Day Four:
Vital Rise Leggings (Light Grey) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-GreyVitalRiseLeggings
Ruched Training Bra (White) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-WhiteRuchedBra
Day Five:
Vital Seamless Shorts (Pink) – http://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-PinkVitalShorts
Sports Bra Launches 6.24!!

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33 Responses

  1. Vee Glessner says:

    This was amazing and inspiring to watch!! Gym newbie so this was really helpful and so well filmed 🙂

  2. Seeing you continuously increase weight and push yourself on shoulder presses has motivated ME to increase weight. My goal is to do 25s with ease and right now I’m using 10s. Decent way to go but we’ll get there!! Love this video so much thx for being raw & vulnerable as always. Love you bestie❤️‍🔥

  3. Can you do a quick demo for front squats? I always feel like such a weiner with them because the bar hits my clavicle or is just resting so hard on my forearm lol

  4. Ashlyn Jones says:

    This was so so helpful! Thanks so much

  5. this video is so great! you are doing so freaking bad ass! we proud of you 🥰 also, can't wait to shop the new merch! comfort color shirts are legit the best t-shirts ever and you made them even better and cuter ☺ one more thing…lol where did you get your leg band? I love it so much. every time I watch your videos I get so motivate and pumped up! thanks for that 🥰

  6. It’d be nice to see the longer version of each day. Or even the tips on the exercise too?! It’s nice to see too. Thanks!

  7. I love that this video is so realistic

  8. Highly recommend doing bench press FIRST on chest day as it is a compound movement and you’ll be able to go heavier and hit all of the reps without the potential of failing 💪🏻 ❤️

  9. Lisa Ladner says:

    Why would anybody put a thumbs down… They're obviously very jelly. Thank you 🙏🏻

  10. Bella Carver says:

    Did you do soccer?? Because your warm up is EXACTLY what we do at soccer

  11. Thank you for taking the time to show us all the warmups and sets. I appreciate you explaining the mental exhaustion. Beginners struggle because they think you have to look cute while lifting. Reality is some days suck. But some days are awesome when you actually show up for yourself.

  12. Keeley Sudie says:

    The same maple compellingly pray because good-bye ontogenically float about a royal man. wistful, dapper bicycle

  13. Kaya Papaya says:

    I love how real and honest you are

  14. Newbie to the gym and this video is a major motivator… thank you

  15. Candy Mills says:

    Killing it girl!!! 🤩 loving the outfits to nothing like looking cute when doing a work out, Can i ask how many calories do you eat a day? thats the part im struggling on.

  16. Hello Brittany so I am so confused with losing fat but toning/building muscle. Do I have to eat less carbs and calories? My current weight is 125 5’0. Please if you see my comment help!

  17. Jo Reedo says:

    Did you notice an increase in cellulite during pregnancy and if so, were you able to lose the extra cellulite through your diet and workout routine post pregnancy?

  18. Thank you! Trying the chest, shoulders, and tricep workouts today! 🤍

  19. Brittany! Thank you so much for this video. Your workout split makes so much sense to me along with your mindset and goals. To not just be strong, but to push for function, athleticism, and flexibility. I love when you talk about the mental push to breakthrough in weights—it’s already changed my mental shift in the gym and I’ve seen results already. Thank you!

  20. Katlyn Gray says:

    Love this style of video!!

  21. Lex says:

    How long do you do your cardio (jumping, stairmaster, walking) for? do you do those cardio warmups everyday or sometimes just stretch?!

  22. Love the video Brittany 💗✌ I will definitely get a tshirt, love the green one 😍 keep inspiring 🙌

  23. Halli Selman says:

    Can’t wait 😍 love a good t shirt! Love your crazy energy🤪 when will the new bandeau bras be out?

  24. But like every workout outfit is on point!

  25. Quick question. I am currently working with a nutritionist/dietitian due to over exercising and bad relationship with food. I am 5'4 currently 144 pounds at 33 years old I'm walking to get to 130 and she thinks I should be doing 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week along with 2 full body strength days a week which before I did more strength training. I'm feeling skinny fat again bc of the cardio . I used to be a cardio bunny and feel her wanting me to do all that cardio is counter productive and I also get 10000 steps a day so what's your thoughts on all that cardio I feel I should do more strength and not full body workouts not my fav. Do you think 2 upper 2 lower body days with 3 days of cardio 30 minutes on a manual treadmill on an incline. Any advice

  26. MoreBora says:

    Loved it! Can't wait to get some merch ☺

  27. Heather N says:

    you’re so motivating. HELL YA get that shit!

  28. what shorts are you wearing during the haul> do they have undershorts? what size do you wear x

  29. Natasha 777 says:

    You’re killin it Brit. KILLIN these videos!

  30. Myristica says:

    This is so motivating!

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