Muscle stretching exercise for 0-3 months pregnant

Stretching muscle helps improve the blood circulation and relax body and mind in pregnant women. This exercise is simple, relaxing and easy to do!

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  1. I also did all of their 10 months perental exercises during my first baby and it really helps me a lot. My delivery was normal and it was very easy for me🤔 at least i think so😄

  2. Gr8 video 👍👍👍 new friend stay connected

  3. Easy pregnancy–Relief from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and all the sleep worries.


  4. I use the app pregnur it's a prenatal yoga app I actually like it

  5. I think she is 6 month pregnant not 0-3

  6. I think this exercise is best excercise ,v nice video thanks mam

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  8. John Helton says:

    I learn about workouts thanks to Unflexal.

  9. lai John says:

    More exercise for pregnancy please

  10. Venkata Raju says:

    Thanku very much it's help me a lot

  11. Noi Araneta says:

    she doesnt know how to count 10sec it did not reach 10 sec..

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