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15 Responses

  1. Tq Anna diat plan chepandi

  2. manasa sagar says:

    Beautifully explained thank you so much bro for these awesome workouts❣❣❣

  3. k Korapala says:

    Side fats chappandi bro

  4. Actually I been doing since 3 days and I'm in total pains over my body.
    Can I get relieve from these pains on continuing furthur??

  5. Thanks విశ్వ గారు

  6. Arms fat gurinchi chapandi vishwa bro

  7. Anna plz do video on how to reduce arm fat for women

  8. Hunch back exercises please

  9. Awwww really thanks alot for sharing fat tummy work outs for women🤗gonna start from tomorrow👍 thankyewwwww

  10. Hii anna good to see you on youtube 😍👏♥️

  11. MANU RAHUL says:

    Tomorrow nundi try chestha anna and arm skin loose ga undi.. Tightening exercise chepandi

  12. Super anna and also tq anna from Allu chintu arjun instagram……….

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