COMPOUND EXERCISE CRAZINESS! Full Body Workout | Superhero Plan Stage 4 Day 2





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BUFF DUDES / Fitness / OVERWHELMING FULL BODY POWER | Superhero Plan Stage 4 Day 2

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43 Responses

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  3. Hi guys! Any home alternative for the battle ropes? Thanks very much! Since the pandemic I train with your videos every day!

  4. I'm definitely incorporating the power clean into my routine.

  5. As an old-age beginner, i prefer to workout with 5*5.

  6. I can't do that squat

  7. You should be avoiding high reps on cleans since doing to many reps defeats the purpose of the exercise

  8. Super Gyno workout lmao….

  9. Try hook grip on those power cleans, will really help!!

  10. N W says:

    Y'all are some goons and its cute haha

  11. Shizzlenitts says:

    Love your work lads. Keep up the great content.

  12. How the buff dudes communicate
    Buff dude walks in room
    Another buff dude walks in room
    Both buff dudes lock eyes
    One buff dude: yeeeeeaaah!! flexes
    The other buff dude: YEEEAHHH flexes

  13. BeasT says:


  14. Fastastic video. Thanks!

  15. T B says:

    You should do this with dumbbells!!!

  16. With the powercleans I think your glutes are too forward, even if your catch position is really high, at least it seems a little weird to me.

  17. Brandon has the power of growing back his beard in one video apparently ;P Buff Beard yeah!

  18. Nick Honey says:

    I love the buff dudes and their cues for the power clean are all correct, but it's a seriously complicated movement and I would recommended people get a really good coach who knows how's to teach it to teach you in pweskn

  19. Andy H says:

    Buff dudes, yeah πŸ’ͺ

  20. Incerix says:

    Awesome video as always! Stay Buff!

  21. Hurrs Tard says:

    Without a squat rack, the only way i could get any weights to my chest level is through Cleans. Couldnt overload too hard tho, but Cleans are definitely explosive too.

  22. TogePoof says:

    I felt out of breath by just watching this video

  23. More buff music please keep u the good work

  24. So are box squats for your squat like what floor press is for your bench?

  25. N W says:

    Was fast asleep then some idiot woke me up shouting in the streets , now I’m watching buff dudes . So all is good again

  26. Noah Pinion says:

    What are those attachments on the power rack for?

  27. hotsky83 says:

    Have you guys ever arm wrestled? Would be cool to see that!

  28. Odan says:

    I. Hate. Battle ropes.

  29. Jon Adams says:

    Working those ropes, you look like you’re driving a team of horses!

  30. Would like to see a video on volume, how many sets and reps you usually do, and how many times for each muscle

  31. thehmph1 says:

    This video is EXPLOSIVE.

  32. Tech Master says:

    Compound lifts should be your main lifts do isolations in between compound sets

  33. Can you PLEASE make a video reviewing Alpha M's 6 week to living lean workout routine!! I know loads of people that would love to see this content on your channel! And whether fasted cardio Is actually beneficial or makes no difference! Thank you! I love this channel so much! Keep up the amazing content πŸ™‚

  34. Susana Reid says:

    Yeah Buff!β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  35. CanaleAV says:

    Ah, the pendlay rows. The most welcome exercise in every commercial gym around the globe.

  36. Wowz says:

    Good is tuff and tuff is good. Purley logical.

  37. Stephen says:

    I'm a beginner new to working out…I was told to get bigger faster since I'm new that I would benefit from just focusing on compound exercises and not really worry about isolation ones being I'll gain more from compounding starting out instead of wasting time on isolation workouts. Yay or doesn't matter?

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