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MONDAY – PUSH & cardio
Exercise 1: Bench press – 3×5 reps @ 65/75/85%
Exercise 2: Overhead press – 3×8 reps
Exercise 3: Chest press incline – 4×10 reps
Exercise 4: Barbell front raise – 4×8 reps
Exercise 5: Lateral raises on cables – 3×10 reps
Exercise 6: Face pulls – 3×12 reps

Sprints – 10 mins & 10 min walk


Exercise 1: RDL – 4×8 reps
Exercise 2: Good mornings – 4×10 reps
Exercise 3: Single leg hip thrusts – 3×12 reps
Exercise 4: Leg curls- 4×12 reps

Exercise 1: Barbell hip thrusts – 3×5 reps 65/75/85%
Exercise 2: BB knee banded hip thrusts into abductions – 4×10/20 reps
Exercise 3: Barbell Sumo squat – 4×8 reps
Exercise 4: Barbell reverse lunge – 3×8 reps
Exercise 5: Cable kickbacks – 3×12 reps

FRIDAY – PULL & Cardio
Exercise 1: Barbell Deadlifts – 4×8 reps
Exercise 2: Lat pull down – 4×10 reps
Exercise 3: Seated row into back burners – 3×12/8 reps
Exercise 4: Cable kneeling pull down – 3×15 reps
Exercise 5: Dumbbell bicep curls – 4×8 reps

Exercise 1: Barbell squats – 3×5 repS @ 65/75/85%
Exercise 2: Leg press – 4×10 reps
Exercise 3: Leg extension – 3×15 reps
Exercise 4: DB static lunge into Bodyweight squats – 3×10/12 reps
Exercise 5: Good mornings – 3×10 reps

SUNDAY – 5/10km run

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41 Responses

  1. Adriana Lima says:

    Obsessed with you! ☺️☺️☺️

  2. ed says:

    Lol theres literally a guy curling in the squat rack at 12:40… didnt know people actually do this

  3. Fay Wellfare says:

    What weight are you using please

  4. I love you girl you are such an inspiration 💚

  5. S W says:

    hey babe, love this video. i was just wondering, i have leg and glute day 3x a week. should i stick to the same routine for all of those days and then switch up every month. or should i do what this girl does and do a different workout routine every leg and glute day of the week. im kinda confused because i read somewhere that you're only meant to do the same workout routine throughout the entire week and then switch it up every month to "shock" your muscles. but you don't do that. please help cuz its leg day tomorrow ♥

  6. Tamara May says:

    hey girl, i think it would be really helpful if you show us how long we should rest for between sets too because that’s something i struggle with 🙂

  7. No mask on? NO, NO, NO –

  8. Lily Decker says:

    i think we have the same booty bands 😂 i love them

  9. How many weeks do you continue the same routine

  10. May says:

    love this video!! gives me inspiration on how to shake up my training 🙂

  11. love your videos lucy 🙂

  12. Kiana Lewis says:

    Love this style of video! And it's a nice way to see activewear wtihout doing a regular try-on review. I'd love if you'd film your workouts from the side rather than the back, just so we can see your form better and how you perform the exercise. plus watching you do squats from behind feels kind of odd haha

  13. I'm so glad you did rdl basics because I have been told by my physio that I'm not allowed to squat and deadlift at the moment due to my sciatica but I've gradually been easing back into it so hopefully this should put less pressure on the nerves in my back with your demo

  14. Karen Birch says:

    I love watching your videos so addictive !! What a really lovely person you are too. And you sound like your from up my way although I’m now down south. Wow what a lady your training there amazing

  15. Hi Lucy! Did your routine look similar as far as the 5-6x week lifting when you did at home workouts ? Did you split it up the same way as you showed here ??

  16. Keren Urizar says:

    I would love to see you record some of your outdoor runs 😊

  17. Kuhle Jita says:

    you have a beautiful skin

  18. kupu taba says:

    And how long this workout plan will go for ? 😇

  19. kupu taba says:

    Sister what about hip dips exercises ?? From 2nd week of this month , I will change my workout plan into yours and how long this workout plan will go for ??? Like 2 -3 months ? Or 1 year ???

  20. Sam Kemp says:

    loved this so much. more of these please and the other blogs. love Taylor too

  21. Sally Hyland says:

    This is the best video you've done yet Lucy… What amazing fitness content you're giving us all. I literally can't stop watching your workouts and noticing the results already from implementing your glute series tips over the last 6 weeks or so. Thanks Lucy… Especially for being so normal 😉

  22. Watching you in the big screen 📺 in the living room with my newborn 👶 Norah she’s a very active newborn like her mom 🙏

  23. we love the long vids! love from South Africa <3

  24. Samantha Li says:

    Hi Lucy what is the preworkout and creatine supplement you use to train?

  25. The description! Thank you so so so so much. I appreciate this. I’ve been so lost with training and honestly lost motivation because I switched gyms and it’s not as “taken care of” as my other 😩 but thank you for this! I shall welcome the new week with this!

  26. Anne-Lise says:

    Hey, can you please tell more about why you are wearing those compression socks (I'm not sure if that's how they're called) while running on the treadmill? Are there any benefits or do they prevent from injuries? Thanks

  27. Matea says:

    My motivation went up and UPPPPPPP

  28. Alix Behan says:

    Love this sort of content! Thanks so much X X

  29. What an inspiring beauty👌🏽🌹 We like longer videos indeed🤓

  30. abby morton says:

    I want to be friends w Taylor

  31. Laura Blyth says:

    Never have I seen a woman with so many goals; body goals, hair goals, face goals, tan goals, nail goals, motivation goals, fitness goals, I can't…

  32. I would love to see videos about nutrition and how to use that nutrition to meet your goals❤

  33. Wow just found your channel ! Girl how did you get so good at bench pressing? 60 kg and more is pretty big!!

  34. Hey gorgeous! Thanks so so much for this content! I've noticed you are currently doing hiit once a week on your sprints, am I correct? Im a super hiit fan but i've been wondering on how it affects on muscle growth. My PT suggested me to cut it and to focus on regular cardio but what are your thougths? Thanks so so much and hands up for you gurl! 🙌🙌

  35. How do you wear rings when you’re lifting?! Don’t you get such bad calluses? I could never haha!! This was a great video to see your structure and how you adapt your training through the week/life btw ☺️

  36. Jo Humphries says:

    Loved this gunna try it next week, how did you split your sprints like 30 or 40 sec on? x

  37. Elle Harker says:

    Loved it!! Very inspiring congrats on the app you guys deserve it ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Your bench is incredibly strong!! One day I will do that too!!

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