Workout Program For Skinny Guys Trying To Get Bigger

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Hi i’m Joe, I have created this YouTube channel to show my progression from a skinny teenager who is sick of being skinny to hopefully in the future being more muscular and just better in general both physically and mentally.
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26 Responses

  1. Joe Fazer says:

    Just a note, incline press has always worked my shoulders enough however if you wanna add some extra shoulder exercises in there then 100% do it!

  2. klaas says:

    So Starting Strenght + curls. Cool 🙂

  3. DrakeSamurai says:

    Whit what can you replace triceps extensions?

  4. I'm about to embark in a 4month contract on board of a cruise ship. I'm planning on getting as bulky as possible. I will use this and let you know!

  5. Will this work at planet fitness

  6. Hey, i have a question. I have being doing this workout for 2 months now and the gains have been amazing. Now i’m not really progressing anymore even when im training to overload the weight. Only the squat, deadlift, pull-ups and dips im still gaining. The rest of the exercises im stuck at the same weight. Do u have any another scheduled that i will make good amazing gains again? I really like the 3/week squat. Hope u read this or someone else that can provide with some help. The Video was really helpful. Cheers From a Fan🦍📈💪
    Keep the vids going👀👀

  7. Imri Ron says:

    Do you only workout 3 times aweek?

  8. Lil Vin says:

    But, do you also target the shoulders i'm wondering? And if so, with what exercise

  9. Is it suitable for a beginner

  10. i would put the ohp somewhere but this program is really good

  11. MrBurger says:

    There is nothing for shoulders

  12. Ali Alashi says:

    how long should these workouts take? cause i only take 30 minutes

  13. Sky Kazyc says:

    This is awesome thank you

  14. Ne0nkiller says:

    Hey Joe, thanks a lot for this video, I've been trying to get bigger by hitting the gym for time to time. I've always split my workouts into muscle groups and went to the gym frequently but I didnt see any result. After hitting this prgoram with full body split for a few weeks, I've seen results and got bigger. I'm not a gym rat so three times a week works great for me. Thanks a lot!

  15. Raw Dog says:

    Do u think that if I increase by 1kg instead of 2.5 that would be ok ?

  16. NeviiX™ says:

    In the video you are saying that i need to increase the weight "every sesson", so you mean for example that if i start mondays with workout plan A then i have to increase the weight again on friday when im again training the plan A? Did i get this right?

  17. thirstymemes says:

    does this work for teenagers ?

  18. William_ says:

    You have to include overhead press to build maximum shoulder strength and more balance without any future injuries.

  19. I started this workout in April-May and I went from 174 to 185 pounds ever since, this also includes a good diet. I also have a workout partner on the heavier side and has been getting smaller but his weight hasn't changed that much but he has definitely been replacing the fat with muscle. I appreciate this video very much. it has changed both of our lives greatly. Thank you very much!

  20. PyroSenju says:

    Going gym first time tomorrow so gonna try to do all this eventually

  21. RxwanDT4R says:

    Can i add concentration curls if i have extra time? I feel it will help alot with biceps

  22. Liam Sayer says:

    What should i do if i only got 2.5kgs plates just add every week

  23. j4mes says:

    What about abs? Why are there no direct ab exercises included?

  24. Hi Im new to all of this. Trying to gain more musces and weight. I really appreciate youre workout plan and wanna try it out. Does anybody know if some of those exercises train the belly as well?

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