Intense Lower Abs Workout | Tabata Workout to Burn Lower Belly Fat | growwithjo

All standing
Low Impact
No Equipment
Beginner Friendly
Workout At Home in a Small Space!

Make sure to have lots of water with you during this workout, it will challenge you to new levels!

If you are used to working out with me, you are used to a 40s exercise time and 20s “rest” of walking. In todays video we will be doing 30s exercise (pushing it to the LIMIT) then 10 seconds rest. This means that you have less time to recover, which will help you burn more fat during the workout and afterwards!

If any of the moves are too fast or too challenging for you just go back to a walk. Our goal is to keep our heart rate elevated so that the burn is at its MAX!

Make sure to have a healthy nutrition plan to support this workout routine! And make sure not to overeat to overcompensate for the calories burned. Calories burned is just a reference for you to see how much energy you used to do the workout!

Apple Watch Setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 235
Intensity Level: 9/10

0:00 INTRO

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21 Responses

  1. growwithjo says:

    THE MOSTTTT intense lower belly standing workout!

    We are doing 30 seconds of the exercise and 10 seconds of "walking rest"! Get ready to be challenged but also to see awesome RESULTS. Make sure to track your progress in the comments below, and thanks for workout out with me today!

    Remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT 🙂 This helps me incredibly and I am so grateful for your consistency working out with me! Love you! xo

  2. Crystal R. says:

    Great workout!!😊Loving your dog!!

  3. Iffat Jalal says:

    Hi I want to ask I am 4 months postpartum with 3 rd c section would it be safe for me to go through this workout?? Please reply

  4. Pumpis says:

    Burnt exactly 100 kcal

  5. Mam I have a question about : teenagers can do this?
    Reply mam🥺

  6. I love your videos. But I feel like you could add just a litlle but of a lower impact exercises for those who are completly out of shape ….Becouse I know it might be too much for many ppl that pace …. Especially if they are overweight

  7. B C says:

    I started to follow weeks ago and started doing few of your workouts pretty awesome your videos are great motivation 🙏😊

  8. This is a quicky and I am sweating more than usual nice job wonder how many calories this burned? Down 13 pounds in 4 weeks just 30 more to go .Thanks Growwithjo you are the bomb and yes this works on dudes as well . lol

  9. graaacciiassss pensé que no iba a llegar y me sorprendí de mi misma motivación de no rendirme. ESTUVO BUENAZOO

  10. Dora Elvana says:

    and continue this workout….. wooooow feeling BEST BEST BEST burn my fat fat faaaaat…. enjoooooooy

  11. Queen says:

    Finished challenge day 5 ✅✅✅✅✅

  12. Atashak Gem says:

    The ads right in middle every seconds that is distracting 😑🙁

  13. Alicia Rice says:

    I always see your workout in my recommendations. I think Im gonna give this a try for days I dont have a lot of time to exercise. I follow Sydney Cummings channel but sometimes my knees need a dial back to do something with low impact. Why not mix both channels to reach my goals?!

  14. Im one of your followers, from Philippines.

  15. We enjoy watching your exercise ,we love doing it!

  16. A G says:

    I been trying to lose the same 15lbs for 2 years!!! I lose half and gain 20 back every time…. Buttt then I started doing this… I literally started seeing abs after the first 7 days!!! Bless you for giving me my life back!!! I feel good about me again and I believe in me again!!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Jo, I’d love to see a “what I eat in day” from you 😍

  18. Pisces Libra says:

    Wish i would've found this during the beginning of my journey! Looks like fun!

  19. 1st timer– thank you for sharing your talent!

  20. Zoe Ong says:

    a week ago, i did 4.5miles workout daily. on some days i did twice. beginning weight was 203lbs(92kg). today when i weigh in my weight is 202lbs(91kg). my diet is clean, breakfast 2 boiled eggs with coffee, lunch is chix/duck breast salad. i don’t eat dinner. i don’t understand how i’m not losing weight? 🙁 very very discouraging 😭

  21. This kicked my butt! The change ups were nice and this helped me finish the whole video. Thank you!

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