my WEEKLY workout routine during the school year | Caroline Manning

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let’s be besties!
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questions i frequently get asked!

how old are you? – 16!
where do you live? – austin, texas bby!
ethnicity? – wasian hehe (half viet half scottish/irish)
how tall are you? – short, v short haha! 5’1:)

business inquires only –

if you are from another country, click the link to translate it into your language!

music in this video
(in order of appearance )
Music by KEAGAN – Again –
Music by The Hidden – I Feel So Much Better –
Music by KEAGAN – Lemonade –
Music by Plastic Birds – In Time –
Music by Myri@d – Patek (intro) –
Sour Strawberry – Caroline Manning –

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45 Responses

  1. JESUS IS COMING SOONER THAN WE THINK, HE LOVES YOU✝️❤️ Please ask Him to help you obey Him and help you live in His Will in Jesus Name is Christ Mighty Name and be baptized in Jesus Name with water and the Holy Ghost ✝️❤️ MUCH LOVE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS✝️❤️

  2. Emma Gaines says:

    omg nooo i accidentally pressed thumbs down 🤦🏼‍♀️ sorry caro

  3. do u do every day when u go to the gum abs?and also is this a fat loss programm

  4. Please wear your seatbelt before you start driving 🥺

  5. Boba Bunny says:

    Can someone explain what 3×12 means in workout?

  6. I watching you from Philippines here

  7. nutella says:

    I like how I say that Im going to get my life together because of Caro but then I just end up re-watching her vids one month later.

  8. No ones life is perfect, we only see what is online. But… the part of her life we see seems heavenly ✨ She is so put together. And to the haters who says he is “privileged”. She is not, she is blessed ❤️

  9. You are so pretty oh my

  10. shaniya says:

    i love these videos so much <33 can you please do an updated one

  11. basma arrahi says:

    there is anywon hear how spek spanish, or undrestent the spanish song

  12. Ang and Ali says:

    Caroline I love this video but seeing you do ab workouts hurts me. You can’t target a specific fat on your body and you can’t spot reduce. Because of this doing ab workouts are pointless and will only make your stomach stick out further. if you want to lose stomach fat and get a smaller waist you either need to be in a calorie deficit or do cardio. it’s the only way to make your abs show. beside that love the effort you put into working out i just don’t want you wasting time like i did.

  13. Aubrey Hoehn says:

    where do you get your workouts from??

  14. Alyssa Perez says:

    This helped me get up and exercise 😌🤍

  15. Arlene Gabb says:

    Your singing is beautiful

  16. Can have your life lol

  17. Iris says:

    Do you workout everyday Caro??

  18. matilde m says:

    hey just a question can you film your dance's training ? if you can ovb you are so cute 💕

  19. JasmineLight says:

    i’m kinda late to this video so idk if you’ll see this, but i was wondering what shoes you wear to workout in. they look super cute but i’m not sure which ones they are!?

  20. Hey Caroline I think me and you are soul sisters we have a lot in common

  21. Amy Kim says:

    Is ur lashes real or fake?? They are sooo long

  22. Katy Melton says:

    How do you do those workouts??? I am so bad at doing workouts 😂 😂 😂

  23. Hi Caroline good job on your workouts

  24. Parker Vlogs says:

    Omg imagine she responded to me! ❤️😃

  25. Maria Luca says:

    Using this as my motivation video before every workout now

  26. Terri elle says:

    Hey caroline I love your aesthetic so much!!! Love you and your content and cant wait for more lysm❤❤

  27. hi guys! hope you're having a great day so far, if any of you guys were wondering, caroline goes to school at veritas academy in austin, texas and lives at 125 nantucket circle hope this helps!

  28. She literally never wears a seatbelt. Girl make sure u wear it!

  29. How in the WORLD is she so pretty, organised, fun, caring, and AMAZING!? She is truly a gift from God! Just like the rest of us! 😉 <3

  30. Cuando escuché la canción en español quedé como 😯😂

  31. ella says:

    how is she perfect 😭😭

  32. Eden P says:

    It's crazy how much she had accomplished with only 16 years old!!! 😱💓

  33. finley says:

    I’m lucky if I can like do 2 crunches

  34. Boba Bunny says:

    I’m excited to be old enough to drive because I literally can buy my own things and my life would more productive

  35. OMG, I was just chilling and watching your vlogs as usual when I heard “BULGARIAN ROSE”. I am from Bulgaria and I am so happy that you pronounced it correctly! Hey :)) <333

  36. Omg how can there be something as pretty as Caroline!!! Love you!! ❤😊

  37. did she just sleep with long false lashes lol

  38. A M says:

    Do you by any chance also have a foreo discount?

  39. kaileecawley says:

    do you wear makeup at the gym?

  40. m says:

    caroline hun protein shakes are not a good lunch. make sure you have carbs before a workout and then protein after, and eat balanced meals through the day bc i don't want you to not get enough cals and nutrients you need, you're still growing

  41. Beauty lïv says:

    Omg that whole laying on your side and randomly start crying thing happens to me 😂 Its so annoying but I'm glad It's not just me lol

  42. Shut out for caroline for going to gym in leggins and hoodie, I would die🤣💗 love ya❤️

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