My Daily Workout Routine (why I train twice a day)

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34 Responses

  1. Joe Delaney says:

    Yo people! Comin' at you with the 9am upload (GMT crew). Enjoy the video and have yourselves a very pleasant day. <3

  2. Jim Bowie says:

    You're releasing way too many free radicals my man. It's aging you big time.

  3. So what if we have jobs how we suppose to

  4. alex nava says:

    Dont skip calf day bro.

  5. Zen says:

    joe that was a sick video

  6. Evase says:

    Am I able to just do a Full body workout example for chest arms back abs etc. on each day and have 2 rest days? Instead of dividing each muscle group to one day for strength, one for hit conditioning etc etc? I can just have one long session a day and work on all muscle groups each day each session and have 2 days off?!. I have lots of time on my hands and I am genuinely wondering if I am able to do this as I explained. Thank you and great video!

    Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday rest day – Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday rest day

  7. D M says:

    I guess when you don't care about having any quality of life you can do this. I used to do this, then I started making money and realized traveling the world and life events were so much more important than being in the gym.

  8. Amor, Ala says:

    Ironic joke considering our whole country is a fucking joke.

  9. I want to workout 2 times a day, In the morning chest and triceps and night back and bieceps. Than next day legs and shoulder.

  10. Keng Fai Hui says:

    subscribed right after seeing the meditation and self help reading part XD

  11. This video read my mind 😅

  12. The dude hasn't missed a leg day ever.

  13. F Dot says:

    😂😂😂 I was this 👌 close to stopping the video when you said I wake up at 5am

  14. megadrived says:

    What treadmill do you use?

  15. STAG FITNESS says:

    Lol intro to funny 😄

  16. Me Myself&i says:

    Great sick information.

  17. Chris Wolvo says:

    Sorry I can't handle the gay pommy accent lol try doing some legs bro. I'm heading back to Ryan Hutchinson for some decent sarcasm lol

  18. yellow 1947 says:

    I will tell you why you need a black air force's.

  19. 3FS says:

    Why i train twice a day. Cause i have no job , thats my job right there.

  20. Mateo Daza says:

    Hey man what kind of watch do you wear? I love it

  21. Swear this guy nearly killed me with fake vodka in Zante. Anyone know if he was a club rep at any point?

  22. Love this guy's energy 😄

  23. Thomas Walsh says:

    Shows good better then mat does fitness keep on going

  24. Aqeel M says:

    always loved your no bullshit, straightforward delivery and ofc the humour

  25. Joe that was a sick video

  26. How often do you shave your chest?

  27. JBC02 says:

    I do compounds + accessories (I.e squats + paused squats) in the morning then isolations in the evening

  28. Instead of doing 2 lift sessions a day you could do a plyometrics session and a lift session twice a week. For running, I would suggest doing most of your runs at below 65% of maximum HR and after you have accumulated enough stamina, to include fartleks and tempo runs. Progressive runs are good as well on the tready or hill reps.

  29. Felipe哦Piphis喔我叫Schneider嗯咯Lilly對不起 🧎🏻‍♂️ 這些問題 good video. It shows lots of routines to follow. Thanks

  30. kaiyam mckim says:

    i like how your so positive about your injuries. i get a little bit injured and have a cry

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