Get Sexy Shoulders with These 3 Shoulder Workouts for Women

We all want amazing rounded shoulders. The key to getting those perfectly rounded shoulders is to work all three major parts of your shoulders:

-anterior(front) delt, the front of the shoulder
-medial delt, across the top
-rear delts, back of the shoulder

Use these tips on three different shoulder raises Trainer Lindsey lays out to work each of the 3 major delt muscles:

Anterior Delts: Front Raise
-Slightly staggered stance
-Go overhand or underhand
-If overhand, you should raise until your hands are even with your shoulders.
-If underhand, you can raise until your elbows are even with your shoulders.

Medial Delts: Side Raise
-Slightly staggered stance
-Hold the weight in the overhand grip
-Don’t raise the weight above your shoulder height.

Rear Delts: Bent over Reverse Flys
-Keep core nice and tight
-Bend over almost parallel
-Keep palms toward the floor
–Raise your arms backward until your elbows are at the level of your shoulders.

Hope you enjoy these great shoulder raise exercises for women! Learn more about Trainer Lindsey and join her fitness challenges at

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