How Skinny Guys Can Gain Muscle Fast (HARDGAINER WORKOUT PLAN)

How Skinny Guys Can Gain Muscle Fast (HARDGAINER WORKOUT PLAN). Are you tired of being a hardgainer skinny guy and not being able to gain muscle? Today I’ll be showing you everything you firstly need to STOP doing as a skinny guy that’s killing your gains. From there we’ll cover what you need to do with your training to begin building lean muscle. Training for a skinny guy is going to be much more different than what the average guy does with his workouts. I’ll also be sharing my best hacks to kill it with your diet as a skinny guy to hit your calorie surplus and your required protein intake!

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0:00-0:28 Intro
0:28-0:48 Stop Doing This!
0:48-6:24 The Workout Plan
6:25-12:00 The Diet Plan
12:01-21:57 Outro

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42 Responses

  1. White Boxing Glove 🥊

  2. He’s one of the few normal workout influencers on here that aren’t on steroids. Lol.

    I’ve been following this guy religiously through YouTube for about 2 years now. My body has changed for The better drastically. I see visible muscles all over especially my chest. When I feel like failing, I think “what would Tanner do” 🤣💪🏽

  3. Karim says:

    You are a genius. I have very good results from your workouts

  4. MOBI says:

    This is exactly what I needed to know lmao perfect timing, thank you so much brother

    white boxing glove

  5. Lito Lito says:

    Great advise and I love your gym.

  6. Brady says:

    White boxing glove 🥊

  7. Zombie Drool says:

    I’m skinny but literally anything and everything I eat makes me bloated as heckkk so I feel fat without being fat lmao

  8. John Morgan says:

    Love your videos, but when you said stop training abs and stop doing cardio I turned the video off. Nothing for me in this one.

  9. Arnav Nand says:

    White boxing gloves

  10. Makai Menzie says:

    How do incorporate running into a workout schedule? I like to run every other day for about 45 minutes and go about 5 miles.

  11. Luke 008 says:

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  12. WHITE BOXING GLOVE! You're awesome Tanner. LOVE the follow along vids!!!!

  13. What kind of snacks would u have that weren't unhealthy or unhelpful other than trail mix or nuts and seeds?

  14. Rain Man says:

    10:35 definitely applies to me. I hope to follow your suggestions and first get back into calorie surplus, then introduce protein shakes.


  15. Travis T says:

    White boxing glove

  16. I’m 17, male, 5’8 and weigh 135 pounds rn. I’ve been eating around 2,800 calories a day and was wondering if this was enough?

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  18. Rory .N says:

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  19. Ayo says:

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  20. windows exe says:

    hey im 15 pretty underweight, 50kg 175cm and im tryna get bigger over the summer do you have a workout without equipment for me

  21. discovered your page this year and now I use your tips and workouts both at home and the gym and it has changed my life, keep up the great work!

  22. Chris Dee says:

    best advice of 2021 for me: never lower your calories on rest days!

  23. R. Hatten says:

    White boxing glove. Thanks for the info.

  24. Iulian Sim says:

    But what about the fat skinny 🙁 if I start eating and have a 300 cal surplus, I'm afraid that only thing that will grow would be my belly

  25. Bruh how does this guy knows what I´m thinking every single time man you GOD 🌀🌀

  26. I’m far from a skinny guy, but it’s good to know that progressive overload can be done in 2-3 week intervals. I’m a bit older and my muscles cannot handle fast progress like the younger guys.
    Always keeping the info fresh, Tanner! Thanks!!😊

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  28. 👍 best advise and workout tips in the game.

  29. White Boxing Glove 🥊⬜

  30. Very informative, thanks for sharing, but how can skinny guys train their muscle group twice a week if they only workout 4 times a week?

  31. What do you guys think of the filming setup in the gym?

  32. I’m customer of this channel and this guy , 💯from Horn of Africa ,somaliland💯✅

  33. Shawwinx_ says:

    I wanna be a football player can you plss do vid abt footballer workout plls

  34. raju chh says:

    3rd 💪.
    Bro ur all your videos are very helpful.

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