EASY Morning Workout For Belly Fat

If you’re looking for exercise routines to burn belly fat to achieve abs, this workout is perfect for you!

These are body-weight core exercises that are combined with cardio routines to make your targeted weight loss more effective! These exercises will help you achieve a well-toned belly while also targeting other muscles in the area like your back and your lower belly for the best results.

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:29 Lateral Steps
01:25 Rest
01:42 Arm Circles
02:36 Rest
02:53 Torso Twists
03:48 Rest
04:05 Hip Swirls
04:59 Rest
05:16 Windmill
06:09 Rest
07:06 Running In Place
07:56 Rest
08:18 Standing Crunch
09:08 Rest
09:30 Diagonal Abs Left
10:21 Rest
10:53 Running In Place
11:43 Rest
12:05 Standing Crunch
12:55 Rest
13:17 Diagonal Abs Right
14:08 Rest
15:00 Jumping Jacks
15:51 Rest
16:13 Knee Raises
17:08 Rest
17:30 Waist Pinchers Left
18:21 Rest
18:53 Jumping Jacks
19:44 Rest
20:06 Knee Raises
21:00 Rest
21:22 Waist Pinchers Right
22:14 Rest
23:06 Slow Mountain Climber
23:55 Rest
24:17 Knee Tuck Crunch
25:08 Rest
25:30 Toe Touches
26:20 Rest
26:52 Slow Mountain Climber
27:42 Rest
28:04 Knee Tuck Crunch
28:55 Rest
29:17 Toe Touches
30:07 Rest
30:59 Bird Dog
31:57 Cat And Cow
33:41 Cobra

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35 Responses

  1. My weight 62 kg mujhe 7 weight loss krna h so pls help me

  2. I started working out through roberta’s gym . It took my some months
    I used to be healthy but now I have a slim body a nice one . But my back fat still there -.- which I am working on

  3. Madhuri Kale says:

    C section ke bad exercise

  4. leah says:

    thanks so much roberta! this was a great workout for sure and i am gonna do this every morning 🙂

  5. Pratheeba B says:

    Added to save list thanks Roberta 😍gonna start frm tmrw

  6. Kaira kurrey says:

    The world's best weight loss videos you got in hana Milly's channel so plz go for itttt……..

  7. the unknown says:

    Can we do this exercise in evening roberta???

  8. Thanks I really needed this.

  9. Thank you Roberta i will definitely add this workout on my weekly exercise.❤️❤️❤️

  10. A B says:

    Why have the times/counts only shown up part way through in the last number of videos?

  11. Can it be done after 2 months of C section delivery

  12. Arpita Ghosh says:

    Roberta, can we increase our height after 18 years old (female)?? Is it possible??🥺🥺

  13. Thank u for this vedio

  14. Hi Roberta, I am a true follower of your channel and follow your exercises religiously and have seen terrific results too ! Just one request, lately I have seen that your new videos do not have the repetition count mentioned on the top when the exercise starts .. this makes it difficult for me to sometime keep pushing myself as I don’t know how many more repetitions I need to do . If you can reconsider this and bring back the original way of showing the number of reps required in that set for that particular exercise .. will really appreciate it

  15. You are the best Roberta, you make everything awesome , I love your ecercises and your app and your ecercises 😍💕💗, I hope you read this 🙏.

  16. Suprava Rana says:

    Thank you for new VDO9,plz uplod vdo for back n ABS

  17. Anybody like me who is going to start tomorrow?😁😁

  18. In how many days we will get the result?😃

  19. Your thumnails are always awesome😍😳🥰

  20. Jessica Boa says:

    After or before breakfast?

  21. Aasa Turab says:

    Please help me my weight is perfect but I look fat I have huge amount of fat what should I do I can't go to gym whose exercise should I do

  22. Anita Rao says:

    Can you make exericse for after c section delivery

  23. Reena Tayal says:

    Please bring the counter and timer back 🙏

  24. Thank you so much for this video

  25. Zee says:

    Started the workout 🍻

  26. NK Natarajan says:

    Above sixties are allowed or not allowed for this exercise please reply

  27. Tutu51 % says:

    Happy Monday y'all!! LET'S DO THIS !!!!!

  28. Becca Tian says:

    Don’t forget the foods that you’re eating. If possible,you can change the eating order,drink light soup or water first and eat vegetables in the second,and then eat meat, and finally eat staple food . At same time,don’t eat snacks and drink any beverages . If you would like to eat something between meals ,try some fruits (quantity as big as your fist ) and some original nuts . Water is your best healthy drinks 😉. At last ,if possible,don’t eat anything in 4 hours before your bedtime.

  29. This was burning 🔥 thank you

  30. Thnk u Roberta for this video

  31. Bek W says:

    Thanku so much Roberta ☺☺🙂

  32. Thank you ma'am ☺️ I'll do this today 🥰

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