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47 Responses

  1. Raul Muñiz says:

    When he was doing the diamond push ups @ 2:00 he gave out at 40 then the video skipped & you could tell that before his feet were a little apart & when it skipped they were together hmmmm 🤔

  2. I wanted to see you eating 😭

  3. Shiloh says:

    Hey bro. Do you take daily vitamin? If so, what?

  4. 死ベンジ says:

    I have a problem with my stomach where I physically cannot gain any weight doesn’t matter how much i eat nor what I eat how and do you think I can get stronger?

  5. Hey i saw you Transformation vid question is do you still play the guitar???

  6. Biff Lowman says:

    I'm happy to get 100 pull-ups in a week! :/

  7. Hady Tarek says:

    My dad lost 100lbs. I visited Agoge Diet and followed their steps. I only selected food he likes and they provided me with FULL PACKET in seconds. I got 30 days DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS, and HEALTHY RECIPES as well.

  8. juippi says:

    Are you eating just 2 times per day? I need food like 4-6 times and I can't eat much at the one sitting.

  9. You're awesome keep up the good work God bless you

  10. Bruhhhh too many exercises 🙄

  11. This guy is tall, shredded, can skate, makes music, has lit tattoos, succesful. This man living life.

  12. Dan Cousins says:

    Eating pizza and fries while watching this 🤭

  13. Ivy Bañoc says:

    So simple, yet so effective. That's how would I describe diet plan from "Agoge Diet". Now I belive that simplicity is the key to brilliance.

  14. Chirag Jain says:

    There’s something about his energy .. I really like it

  15. Man, I eat 5 times a day including my protein shake 1 gram of protein by 1 lb body weight and in some mirror I seem skinny as fuck and some with no muscle and in others i look perfect don’t know what mirror tells me the truth I ask my family and friends and they tell me what I want to hear so I don’t know what to believe .

  16. Ramon Mendez says:

    Great clean as fuck 🤣

  17. Ali Mohammad says:

    Why Skip Breakfast it is the most important meal of the day.

  18. 麥克肯尼 says:

    Diet plan from Agoge Diet is so simple that everyone can follow it. No buzzwords, no bullsh*t, no pussyfooting. Only clear directions and instructions. Losing fat is easier than ever.

  19. Who's more shredded Chris or The Rock

  20. crysta marie says:

    How you cook the chicken looks delicious

  21. What if you workout in the morning is it healthy to only drink water after the workout or should you be eatting something

  22. Flowogk says:

    "Before i go to bed i like to do some light exercises like handstand pushups" damn

  23. byKoLaa says:

    oh shit, is thomas shelby

  24. ysb362 says:

    Love to see you and David Goggins together 😄

  25. On this day for you this was a medium or full day of carbs? Looks to me a half day of carbs.

  26. rex rex says:

    Followed Chris Heria’s abs fat burning routine and already seeing results after 1.5 months. Thanks Chris, all the best buddy !

  27. Matt De Leon says:

    Its weird seen chris with weights

  28. Mohit Baghel says:

    Wait a minute he had a son
    Since he looks like a 18 guy

  29. Res says:

    Low calorie dense foods are the key! I recommend eating breakfast, because you did not ear for about 8 hours. Jesus loves y’all, keep grinding!

  30. Ted Yuan says:

    All your uplifting stories has changed my life, I appreciate it.
    cheer form Taiwan.

  31. Jm Manalili says:

    thanks bro for those advice it was a several years that i was stop those exercise.. but now it will be a big challenge for me to get my body fit again…

  32. Strike Fuzer says:

    It seems like dinner is a little too light

  33. If you can tolerate a work out during a fasting state, you are gonna shred body fat.

  34. Don't you need to warm up before the 100 push ups?

  35. Danyiel Tan says:

    9:33 6 year old me when i get into my dad's car driving seat

  36. AlloysDNB says:

    So to stay shredded I need to get a son, so I need to have sex… Yeaaaah not happening xD

  37. les stoner says:

    hey , my friend,, update , update on working out,, pushups need to be done SLOW, less reps, burn, burn, all your workouts less reps, burn burn,, you will feel it!! i don't care if you run , slow,, your bodies muscles need the blood flow through them, doing them fast all you are doing is the motions, I learned this from a professional trainer,, I listened to his tips, and tried it,, ever hear of the bullworker,, I used to pump that thing, and really did not much good till I started them slow, holy shit!! I mean I even seen the difference while I was doing them like this,, just a pointer my friend, this will boost your views!!! No I dont want credit,, have a great workout,, but go ahead and mention my page if you want,,

  38. kev casey says:

    U forgot to mention ur ped cycle bud

  39. light techniques handstand pushups? ok les go

  40. ….I need to get shredded…..!!

  41. Ahmad Habib says:

    I read why I eat doodoo everyday lmfao

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