Walk 15 Rocky STRONG | 15 Minute Walking Workout

This is Rocky’s STRONG WALK from Walk 15!

Walk STRONG with Rocky!

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Happy Walking!

Time: 15m
Equipment: None
Instructor: Rocky

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34 Responses

  1. Cheryl B says:

    Thanks Rocky, love your energy!

  2. Elma Carbon says:


  3. Rocky is definitely the "Boot Camp Drill Sergeant" of all the Walk Leaders! Her high energy, fast-paced workouts always challenge this 50-something, but I always feel great after completing one of her workouts!!☺️

  4. Gemini Logan says:

    Rocky is amazing! I love her energy and this higher energy walk which combined with another of the 15 minutes walks really had me sweating. Thanks for such an inspirational channel 😊

  5. Amal Khalil says:


  6. V N says:

    un grand bravo de mettre enfin toutes les morphologies , merci !!!

  7. Justien says:

    I love this!! I just found this channel!!! Im all here for Rocky and looking forward to checking out some of the seasoned videos as well.

  8. I really missed you .. thank you .. please do more videos

  9. I am 46 and suffering from vertigo.can I do these exercises nd will it help me cure my vertigo problem

  10. Dizzy G says:

    Good to see how beautifully she smiles and encourages us


  12. Thank you nice work out..God bless you im from Philippines..iloveyou all

  13. Tom Skywards says:

    Here at home, we love Kamilah and Nadya. Now, we also love Rocky!!!

  14. I love walk at home, I've been a part of this great exercise team for many years now.

  15. Ever loved Rocky! Full of positivity and energy!❤️‍🩹so as the Walk team🥰

  16. Rizwan Khan says:

    Rocky is very energetic

  17. Rocky is my favorite!!!!!! Her energy is infectious!

  18. Just found this on my am info feeds from Google. Tried it and I liked it! Rocky & friends make a 15 walk easy and I feel great after the walk! Thanks Walk at Home!

  19. Beautiful walk workout the energy in the class this morning buzzing love it 🙌🙌 thank you 🙏

  20. Sara bastos says:

    Thaks Rocky!!! Ilove It 🙂

  21. Plz download option.. Plzzzzzz

  22. Semangat bwt olahraga lg💪💪


  24. Cheryl Mc says:

    PERFECT – great personality for this amount of time..I'LL BE BACK!! Yes, seeing all the body types keeps it real!! I hope we all lose unnecessary weight! Nice meeting you Rocky!

  25. Adorei 👏 ótima aula muito boa😘👏

  26. Dawn Athill says:

    Absolutely enjoyed this

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