TONED ARMS WORKOUT – No Equipment (quick + intense)

Do this 15 minute TONED ARMS workout #WithMe ! it’s quick, it’s intense, and requires NO EQUIPMENT! This workout is designed to tone and strengthen your upper body with just body weight exercises. This will target your shoulders, triceps, back, and chest. Get ready to feel the burn!
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⭐️ COOL DOWN (5 min):

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39 Responses

  1. MadFit says:

    It was about time for a new NO EQUIPMENT toned arms workout! How’d you guys enjoy this one? Let me know down below 👇🏼❤️

  2. ritu singhal says:

    Hey,it was great! A big fan of your workout videos. Would really like if you can do a beginner no equipment arm workout. I literally died in this one 😀

  3. Omg the warm up is a killer itself 😂

  4. Will it help in reducing cheats also??

  5. Mia Winter says:

    I literally didn't take break at all!

  6. I've been fighting off a common cold and this was just enough for me to feel the burn but not be completely exhausted! You're truly the best Maddie <3

  7. Zoya Hashmi says:

    Is this increase muscles in your arms or make it thineer because my hands are very skinny should I try this

  8. Ka Jia says:

    I have hurt my shoulder joints because of exersises 1:383:40. I have been treated so long time. 🙁 I had no problems with joints before that. Please, be careful!

  9. Natalia Kara says:

    when Maddie said dont give up now, but you have already given up

  10. Audrey Rose says:

    This is awesome. In my second trimester and was able to do everything – just modified all core work on my knees for the babe. Any chance you will be getting into prenatal workouts anytime soon? I love your no equipment workouts and want to keep it up all through the pregnancy!

  11. Sanhita Guin says:

    I am gonna be honest. Dropped those arms every time the 5 second timer chimed. My arms are still dead.

  12. Alinda Linda says:

    Anjayani br 3 menit aja gakuat

  13. Ole Buck says:

    super cool workout!

  14. Lauryn Smith says:

    I never understood when I read comments saying “this one made me cry” but now I understand

  15. MLeeS says:

    Wow i needed this
    I may not be able to move my arms tomorrow but still this was great! Thank you so much!

  16. Runneregy says:

    Even tho i only have 9% bodyfat thats hard

  17. When she said warm ups….I cried

  18. Shasha Duan says:

    Me: it is so tiring. Maddie says cheerfully : only warm up

  19. great job guys… and also girls!!!

  20. Mia says:

    The burnnnn omg

  21. I love my app so much I protect them with a layer of fat! 🤣

  22. Lauren Milam says:

    🔥😩 can’t wait for your app!!!!!! It burned so good!!!

  23. wow. thats honestly all i have to say. im a beginner and this was incredibly challenging, great fun too!! i had to take a few seconds in between exercises mutliple times lol. great workout, thank you for making this free :]

  24. Tess Miller says:

    I loved this weightless arm workout!! I sweat like crazy and could really feel my muscles activating throughout the whole thing. Thank you thank youuu

  25. V Nguyen says:

    I find binge-watching is unhealthy. But not on Mad Fit’s videos 😂

  26. Sanhita Guin says:

    I don't think i can lift my arms even to eat after this. Amazing workout. To be totally honest i dropped my arms several times. I am a beginner. But i would like to get to the point where i don't stop my arms anymore.

  27. Love you Maddie Hello from Thailand! I love watching you of my every morning. Thank you for making me fitter and healthier. Lots of love xoxo

  28. I wish you would show us the exercise before the clock begins!

  29. Daniela says:

    YES to more upper body workouts without equipment! Thank you Maddie, I really enjoyed this one 😍

  30. Even though I do weighted workouts as well, but you for sure are the queen of no equipment workouts Maddie, Much love from India xoxo.

  31. Pinky Ray says:

    You are the best ❤️ Am a big fan 🙏wanna reduce my arms 🙄

  32. First time doing arm workout, I literally drop my arm at one point and kept dropping it because my arm start to get numb 😂,I knew I couldn't force so I dropped, guilty? Big fat YES, but gonna keep working on that to make my arm strong to not drop next time 😂

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