2️⃣ The BEST Total Body Workout! Fast, Efficient + Effective for Women over 50

It’s SEPTEMBER🍏, and today we’re enjoying a beautiful🦋 mix of CARDIO and STRENGTH in a KNEE-FRIENDLY🦵 total body routine! Of course it’s LOW IMPACT, so it’s perfect for women of a “certain age” who want a thorough WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT that’s fast, efficient and pain-free!

Find the SEPTEMBER🍏 7-Day Series here: https://bit.ly/Sept7Day

We’re focusing👀 on effective exercises that put us on the road🛣️ to our weight and fitness goals, alternating between cardio and strength with some BALANCE thrown in, too! (Because that’s the secret sauce🍝 to healthy aging😊.)

Grab a set of dumbbells🔩 and let’s GO!

Get my exact 3-pair Dumbbell Set (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2vkvMkg
Grab this comfy and supportive ALISISTER crop top (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3u2ed1i

Interval timer is set for 30 seconds of cardio and 60 seconds of strength; complete each pair of exercises twice before moving on to the next pair; there is NO REST.


Walking + Cross Body Crunches
Low Swinging Heel Digs + Step Back Side Raise
High Knee Punch Ups + Deadlifts
Double Knees + Triangles
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers + Front Punch High Knees
Can Cans + Curling Side Kicks

Letter Ks + Oblique Pull Downs


😅 EXTENDED WALKING COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/tk6oIzlx1SE

Video – Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond: https://youtu.be/tqcJM2kANQA

Start LOSING WEIGHT TODAY with my FREE eBook – The 5-0 Method, Weight Loss for Women over 50: https://pahlabfitness.com/weight-loss-over-50/

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14 Responses

  1. Wow, another great workout, let's get started 😁💪👌👏🌺

  2. Debra Walton says:

    My heart is beeping very fast. I hope you know i can really feel this in my arms and I can feel this in my whole body. I really do love to workout with all of your videos.

  3. Please watch Rosie meowing while using litterbox. It can be a sign of distress from a urinary tract infection Very common in older cats.

  4. sbraisher says:

    I really enjoy the MetCons as well! Great work today, Thank You!

  5. What a great work out and what a well targeted talk. As I am not sure if I want ro get more mussle definition, but want to be healthy you say you choose moderation that offers the iption of daily work outs, while focusing on body shaping we have to push once a week at least and rest one or more days afterwards. So you gave me an answer. I choose as you to enjoy mobility and working out not to over exhaustion, so I can keep being with me- mind and body daily. I hope you can mention this topic on your Q&A on Friday FB Live. Thank you again. You help me a lot.

  6. Emma Baird says:

    Fab workout. Enjoyed watching and listening to the animals too!

  7. Sue Penn says:

    Pahla, is there a particular reason you don't do leg exercises?

  8. Great workout and also the BEST yoga pants on you ever.

  9. Jan Greig says:

    Another terrific workout.

  10. Love the MetCons – another good one Pahla. I always enjoy your workouts. Just the right amount 🙂

  11. Jean says:

    Back to back workouts!!

  12. Hi phala Im always follow your workouts🥰♥️

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