Full Body Workout with Dumbbells for Weight Loss | For Women Over 40

Torch some serious calories with this metabolic conditioning full-body workout for weight loss. Performed circuit-style, with options and modifications shown throughout, you will cycle through 10 different compound exercises using dumbbells (as well as a BOSU ball and/or a TRX if you own one).

This is also Day 1 🙌🏽 of our 25 in 25 Challenge – and our fitness test.

👉🏽 So, heads up if you are part of the challenge we will do this workout again on Day 25 to celebrate how far you’ve come!

FYI – during your final set of rows/pull ups my camera turned off. I make mention in the video that “I ran out of tape”. While it’s not tape I ran out of – using tape to film workouts is pretty old school. But, I felt it easier to say that than “Sorry, my DSLR camera only records in 30-minute increments and I wasn’t paying attention to the time, which we went over and so the camera shut itself off”. 

So… there’s a bit of an editing glitch and you’ll end up doing that exercise a tad longer than you should. But, what’s a few more reps, right? Right!

Tools: pair of heavy, moderate dumbbells + a TRX & BOSU if you own one

3 x 45sec
Goblet squat
Mountain climber
Dumbbell swing
T-push ups
Alternating lunges
Pull ups OR alt rows
Side lunges
Renegade row
Lunge and twist
Squat press

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37 Responses

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  2. Kim Kerscher says:

    PJ I do your workouts without shoes on. Is that ok for my feet?

  3. LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! Need this challenge so badly. You must’ve heard my prayers❤️

  4. PJ, you are the best trainer on YouTube.

  5. sweaty !!!! great workout – a keeper!

  6. Linda Gordon says:

    Oh PJ. You are the BOMB!!! That was fantastic and I can’t wait for next 24.

  7. Hoping tomorrow’s workout will be gentle 🤣

  8. Yes Yes YES …. I’m gonna be a day behind on the challenge but day 1 for me completed 🙌

  9. Marilet Z says:

    Getting back ON it — this was a perfect re-entry — thank you as always, PJ 💪🏽🙌🏽

  10. Thanks for kicking my butt today! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  11. Loved this, PJ. Such a great workout. Yes I did use a couple of the mods, but all in all I’m pretty happy with how I did . Because of the time difference (I’m in Oz 🦘) this first workout didn’t land in my inbox until Monday evening, so I was able to see what I was in for today (Tuesday) 🥵 . Tuff but awesome! Looking forward to #2 🙌

  12. Asul 343 says:

    Thanks for a great workout PJ! Looking forward to the next 24 days!

  13. Barbara Ball says:

    Thank you you never stop amazing me on how well you set up this challenge. I have been miss you and now I'm back. It's a new me and once again great job you are the best workout traineri ever had. Cannot wait until tomorrow's workout. 😉

  14. Becky Barth says:

    Definitely challenging for me , I’m on board for the 25 day challenge. Next time I won’t eat beforehand!!

  15. susan vitolo says:

    Nice day 1. love the variety of exercises and equipment. Double set of TRX rows. mhm, thanks 😂. on to the next.

  16. Pam says:

    This is a sweaty one 🥵 that makes you feel good afterwards 😅

  17. Well you hit this one out of the park!! Im coming back from a mini vacay and did this tonight at 7pm instead of my 7am ritual!! I LOVED it!! PJ you are the best trainer EVER!!

  18. kathy benton says:

    1st round😊
    2nd round 😟
    3rd round🥵
    Haha!! It was great though!!

  19. C king says:

    PJ I have followed you for about a year. This was a 👍🏾Great work. I am 58 n can keep up pretty good but I had to stop n start few times🤣 will be fun see after 25 days I can do them all without stopping 😁

  20. Loved the workout, even though my muscles are still quivering after it. I've been so excited for this challenge to start. If you're just starting out: trust PJ! I found her a few months ago after I discovered I could no longer fit into my favorite dress to wear to my son's graduation. She promised me results and not only did I lose weight for the first time in 5 years of annual check ups, but I fit back into the dress last month!

  21. Wow thanks PJ in round two thought I wasn’t going to make it to the end but I did.finish. Thanks for the F bomb I needed that laugh. Cannot wait for day 25 to see improvement.

  22. Louisa Cowie says:

    Excited to do the 25 day challenge!! Wow this was by far the sweatiest I have ever been!!! Yep definitely an intense workout but am so happy that I survived it!! Thank you PJ for all your work on here, I am grateful to have found you!!

  23. paula2wetzel says:

    ready to try a new challenge. First two rounds were easy enough, third round pushed me to the max. I'm recovering from a treadmill mishap, but feel ready to try this. Thanks for the challenge and motivation!

  24. Loved it 😊
    Great thing about daily challenges they keep me accountable and motivated 👍

  25. Whew🥵 calorie burner. ✅

  26. Hi! Been doing your workouts for a while, this one is a new favourite! This time I decided to give this next challenge a try and going to work it into my existing workout schedule to mix it up. I’m looking forward to seeing the next 24!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Oh momma! I did it all the way through with a few quick sips but wow! Need to work on pushups and get my weights up. Thank you! Here's to the next 24 days.

  28. Brooks Day says:

    Good morning/afternoon and happy Monday!! Well I was off to a rough start. Due to a crazy few weeks, I haven't been as diligent with my workouts. I was all ready to go get back on track with this challenge and wham my knee said no thank you!! With not being on top of the needs of my glute med, my knee kept giving out with the lunges. I decided to stop after the first round and revisit later. So this afternoon I did the 10 minute glute med video and then went back to this one and finished the last 2 rounds. I subbed with the wall sit and was very gentle with the side lunges….. but I made it thru without my knee giving out and still worked up a great sweat! I was determined to not give up today! PJ, you make me want to keep going! And believe me in that first round I dropped many more F*&%^ than you!! I kept notes on my weights, etc…..24 more to go!!

  29. PJ- I feel like you ARE in my living room with me, lol. I talk back to you and laugh at your jokes! I'm 59 and have exercised faithfully most of my life but have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Thanks for all you do for people like me who are determined to stay fit for decades to come. It's good to know you've got our backs….and knees, and hips!

  30. JAB says:

    A great workout PJ. I'm sweating and tired. I also love your T Shirt. My son and I are on Britney's side for sure!!!

  31. Awesome Day 1! It'll be interesting to see how this one goes on day 25. Thanks for these amazing challenges PJ!

  32. C Mitchell says:

    Great workout, love the modifications for us with knee injuries

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